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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Injector Nozzle Maximum Service Makes Vital Device

Injector Nozzle Maximum Service Makes Vital Device - Automotive article will share automotive information obtained from 51XIV automotive magazine, April 05. about service injector nozzles that can maximize the vital functions of the device on your motor vehicle.

Injector Nozzle Maximum Service Makes Vital Device

The injector nozzle is a vital tool in the fuel injection system. Symptoms of rough machining, ngelitik up a lackluster power compression performance injectors if less than the maximum. "As long as there is no leak, the needle is not broken and the resistance is still good, it means that the injectors can still be used. Can be serviced anyway, "Taqwa said Suryo Swasono, owner of the shop gardeen SPEED in Cilandak, South Jakarta.

Injector servicing process can be divided into two main phases, namely testing and cleanup. Thus, the origin can not be cleaned only. Previously must pass testing procedures to determine their suitability for use.

"There are four stages of testing injectors," said Taqwa. The first is a test leakage or leakage, spray pattern continued alias test nozzle spray pattern. Then the injector will be measured fuel flow capability (flow test) and the last will be the use of simulation.

Cleaning is also carried out to remove impurities that accumulate on the nozzle. Let me be clear, let's look at the four stages of the test process and the cleaning.

1. Leakage TEST
The intent of this test was to determine whether there is a leak (leakage) of both the body and the injector needle in noselnya. "Injector must not leak at all," wantinya. If the leak in the body, the danger for the engine because fuel could drip onto the outside of the machine. Can fire, tuh! Meanwhile, if the needle noselnya leak, the gas will continue despite mengocor injector closes.

Fuel pressure will keseluruhanpun ngedrop. This test is performed in an enclosed nozzle (not electrified). If it passes the test, no leaks or the injector can be used. Teteapi if there is the slightest leak, injector must be replaced.

From this test injector spray patterns. "Carburetion fuel should be good." There are some patterns that can be detected (see scheme). The best pattern is the most left. That is perfectly atomized gasoline.

If that is seemingly in the middle or far right, there is a blockage. Point of blockage can be seen from the pattern that occurs. It could be blockage at the edges, so that petrol only "pee" bit in the middle.

Each car has a different spray patterns. "Eighty percent of vehicles have standard patterns such as the far left. The rest had a standard pattern like the far right, such as BMW, "said Taqwa. With the discovery of a blockage, it could try to do the cleaning.

The ability of the total injector on this test will be tested. Then you should know the capacity that is measured in units of standard cc / min. To that end, the injector will be opened (energized to open the nozzle needle) and fed fuel (with a certain pressure) for 15 seconds. So if the flow is measured according to the standard capacity of the people.

Testing variables can be different for each car. For example, Mitsubishi's 4G63 engine injectors with 240 cc.menit Eterna. This means that for 15 seconds, this tool should drain 60 cc gasoline.

While the fuel pressure when the test is usually set at 5 bar, the higher up the engine condition (about 3-4 bar). Resistance (prisoners) were measured injector is still conform to the standard.

From this test, will be known whether the ability injectors for each cylinder evenly. For the first time measured, flownya can vary. Machines can be rough, not powerful and easy ngelitik.

After cleaning the test was performed again. Nothing else to check if the cleaning is done quite effectively. Is the ability to return to normal and evenly on each cylinder. Figures of different measurements can still be accepted for daily use, as long as the deviation is not too large.

This stage is necessary to monitor the performance of the injector on time used. So need to simulate engine conditions. Gas flow and pressure are measured for different spin machine. "It is rare, can be a good injector at 1,000 rpm to 2,000 rpm but ugly," he explained.

If it is believed to still be used alias is not leaking, the injector can be cleaned. There are two cleaning methods, first by liquid cleaing. You do this by using a special liquid that flowed continuously (injectors in open condition) to scrape dirt. "If it is not effective manner, a new disposable ultrasonic cleaning," revealed Taqwa. The injector is immersed in a container with a special liquid as well. Then it flowed electrical device to open the lid periodically.

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While the fluid was given wave ultrasonic vibrations to erode sediment. This method proved amph to restore engine performance. Rather than buying new injectors cost millions of dollars, mending serviced. It costs around Rp. 125 thousand per injector.
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