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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Let Fixed Action, Treat Injection

Let Fixed Action, Treat Injection - Routine servicing injection engine could be focused around the fuel supply system and air. One consideration you view the quality of fuel in the country uncertain. This step should be done regularly every 5,000 miles.

Let Fixed Action, Treat Injection

The main components consist of the fuel filter, air filter, fuel pump, throttle body (skepticism injection) and nozzle / injector. Five sections that determine the survival was an injection system.

Care begins from the fuel filter. "We never know the tank is dirty or clean condition, especially for the older cars," said Taqwa S. Swasono, mechanical workshop Garden Speed.

Then it's clean fuel filter with the help of high pressure angina. Generally this component is located in the brackish and made of metal. If it is too dirty, it should be replaced stone.

If allowed to continue, the damage could spread to the gas station. The indicators, noise with tone unstable. "Injection pump is very expensive, so it should be painstaking care," explained Taqwa steeped injection engine.

2. Injector nozzle
Gasoline nozzle shall also be cleaned. It means that the direction and shape of the spray is ideal. Low quality gasoline caused the hole size is very small nozzle clogged crust / dirt. Spray gasoline so chaotic and debit decreases. As a result, the engine turns limp and pull mberebet.

No need to disassemble the nozzle, simply mix the cleaning chemical solution into the gas tank. Petrol and chemical solutions will be bound and flow to the nozzle to scrape dirt. In the market has lots of useful products for it. Perform routine so as not to have to replace the new nozzle.

Skepticism injection or throttle body (TB) are also prone dirty. Symptoms, pull less responsive. Even if the dirt had accumulated on the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) can cause limping round meisn when stationary.

Sources impurities from the air that is sucked into space baker. Therefore, the cleanliness of TB relies on air filter maintenance. Clean the spray liquid TB wear are sold in auto parts stores / utensils. Choose recommended for injection machine.

You do this by spraying through the mouth while the machine is turned on skepticism TB stationary. Keep rev the engine so as not to die, so that the cleaning liquid can enter the entire gap skepticism. This process also serves to cleanse space baker.
Spray the cleaner cairna tin then turn off the engine about 10-15 minutes. Continue to turn the engine back and play high-rpm engine rev up to 6000-6500 rpm). Residual dirt or crust in TB and baker will be wasted space with exhaust fumes.

If the machine is equipped with sensors that control airflow, do not remove the intake tract. Spray the cleaner through the air holes (breather) in the intake tract. Next follow a similar procedure on the machine that does not have the air flow sensor.

After that, check that the air filter cleaning step TB and no wasted space baker. Clean with high pressure air from the back or replace if it is too dirty. "Try to put the original pasrts order flow (flow, ed.) Good air.

No less important, did the setup process CO (carbon monoxide) as the closing of this light treatment. Take advantage of the search tool analyzer as a measuring device.

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This measurement aims to determine the combustion process in the engine, whether it is efficient or not. CO value should ideally be below 1 percent. If the sodium absorption ratio, do a system reset in gasoline supply, air and ignition.
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