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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Modification All New Ford Focus Sedan, Titanium 2.0L A/T

Man Automotive - Modification All New Ford Focus Sedan, Titanium 2.0L A/T - Since its introduction the One Ford strategy, the manufacturer that has been established since 1903 and are more prepared to face the competition. One way to produce all-new Focus Titanium Sedan 2.0LA / T's.

Modification All New Ford Focus Sedan, Titanium 2.0L A/T

At first glance 4 door car is no different than the sedan class. But actually, the car with a price of Rp 369 million (on the road) this save so much cutting-edge technology that is not owned by its competitors. Even to the less popular locations are also pinned technology.


Large front bumper, with a large hole in the middle and the dimensions of the triangle to the left and right side of the bumper are active grille shutter technology. Open cavities that can be shut down automatically. There are about 13 parameters that can move the 'door' cover.

Modification All New Ford Focus Sedan, Titanium 2.0L A/T

2.0L inline 4-cylinder engine Duratec Ti-VCT GDI subtle vibration when turned on, very comfortable splitting the traffic congestion in the city. Each stamping on the accelerator can respond properly. The driver does not need to step on the gas pedal too deep to drive the car. This is useful when in a jam.

When trying to accelerate, new looks real power. Engine with a power 170 rpm dk/6.600 able to print 9.7 seconds from rest to 100 km / h. Achieving provisions that take a drag race 402 meters, the Race Logic tools listed 17.1 seconds.

6-speed Powershift transmission shift is also very good. Comparison antargigi belonging to meeting all-new Focus makes acceleration so strong. It is unique in its manual mode, if most cars raise or lower the gear position with shift lever, the Focus is not. Selector buttons + and - are on the gear lever, so that the displacement by means of push.

Modification All New Ford Focus Sedan, Titanium 2.0L A/T

Handling is also very good created. Very precise steering response and follow the will of the driver. Few driven, the car will immediately move. One of the contributors for the steering system uses technology EPAS (Electronic Power Assisted Steering). Working steering systems that rely on the electro-hydraulic steering response than making too light in all conditions.

Precision car on track and be able to conquer the corners quickly thanks to technology pinned torque vectoring control. This technology makes the car still gets traction by optimizing the engine torque is transmitted to the wheels.

Other technologies namely the ability to park and stop on its own. For parking, motorists stay activate 'radar' which is available by pressing the button. Radar will detect enough space for cars to park. The size is 1.2 x the length of the car.

Once detected there is space, there is a command for the driver on the monitor. Only rider to control the brake, gas and gear position, steering is being taken over by computers. If so, it will be plastered the word 'finish' on the screen. Unfortunately, this feature is less able to 'speak' in Indonesia is intended only as parallel parking.

Modification All New Ford Focus Sedan, Titanium 2.0L A/T

Another unique feature called Active City Stop, the car will stop itself rely on radar sensors and if there is a car in front of him. This feature is activated when the car speeds below 30 km / h. But it will not be active when the brake pedal is stepped on. For applications in Jakarta, this technology is quite danger. Because the car will stop suddenly, a great potential to make the rider behind shocked and could not anticipate.

Other advanced technologies, BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) on the outside rearview mirror. This feature is able to detect the presence of objects that fall into the area of ​​the driver's blind spot. Information is displayed with bright orange lights. When AUTOMOTIVE try, throughout the course of the lights illuminate, because Jakarta was never deserted by vehicles and other moving objects.

All the features cangih probably not be too widely used in Indonesia. But it could be a selling point than a minimal feature class sedan. Refrences: ( Tim AUTOMOTIVE-Bagja • Photos: Salim
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