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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Modifications Audio Ford Focus 2005, The more you know The more dear

Man Automotive - Modifications Audio Ford Focus 2005, The more you know The more dear - I know it was love, it could be a metaphor for your interest in the world of car audio Nia. Before getting to know the composition of the sound quality is right, this little girl did not care about the sound quality in the car. Because the invitation of a close friend who often bring audiophile CD for more details about high quality sound system, he is now even more dear to the sound structure that is created in the cabin of his Ford Focus through the implementation of a 3-way system.

Modifications Audio Ford Focus 2005

Nia initial interest in the flow of SQ also supported his hobby listening to chant the songs of R & B, which he thinks is the most harmonious flow of music on the face of this earth. "Most importantly the music must be heard first in the ear comfortably. Has been good to hear if his rhythm, polesannya results certainly sound more beautiful," said the student of the faculty of science communication Tarumanegara University, the West Jakarta.

Single 24 year old also had a reason why choosing a 3-way system, which is widely applied of these professional car audio enthusiast. According to the white woman, the composition of the sound produced by these installations more perfect. "Previously pairs of 2-way system, but the results are less satisfactory. Having to use a 3-way switch, sounding more real and tangible as in sight," said Nia.

Modifications Audio Ford Focus 2005

No wonder more and more dear Nia with the audio settings on his Focus's cabin, because the 3-way system installed supported by Alpine PXA-series processors. Because the sound quality will be more perfect, by setting the frequency response is made more precise using the sound processor.

The result was very satisfactory ear who ride in cars belonging to this beautiful woman. Elements ambience combined effect of the stage on the dash, like the imagination is capable of creating live music.

Modifications Audio Ford Focus 2005

Minimalist Cosmetics
Make Nia, cosmetics cabin is too much, it will make easy eye saturated. Activity is pretty solid as a student plus fitness routines and shooting on weekends, required him to be able to create the atmosphere of the cabin alert his 2005 Ford Focus is as comfortable as possible.

"Including baseball nambahin cosmetic wear that is not too important.'s Why I only asked for a graphic ornament personalized with initials, have been deemed interesting enough for every day," said Nia steady.

The addition of a model designed minimalist ornaments printed with this acrylic material, is actually only used as sweetener alone. In order not to seem stiff because the trunk was already crowded around the three box seat for the audio component.

"Most important is not to sacrifice the car standard equipment, such as spare tires must remain in the trunk, just in case if a flat tire in the middle of the road," added the meatballs glutton. Refrences:( Anton-Bagja • Photo: Anton
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