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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Modified Ford Deluxe 1940 - Bajito Y Suavecito

Man Automotive - Modified Ford Deluxe 1940 - Bajito Y Suavecito - The movement of the Mexico - American, Chicano, or the so-called Decade of the 50's that familiar, becomes a trigger for the presence of the lowrider lifestyle. Judging from the name is, the low ( Low ) give the rider ( ride / car ) is a turning point back to the Chicano Existed in the country was the land of Uncle Sam after the second World War. Famous motto is " Shorty And Suavecito " when translated means running peeled give Low ( "low and slow ' ).

Modified Ford Deluxe 1940

Instantly it became also the lowrider lifestyle modification for the car enthusiasts made flow low as possible give the look an eye catcher. One of the translation of the concept can be seen lowrider Ford De Luxe in 1940 is owned Ermin Nasution. Leaving his love of cars triumph over American doeloe tempo, Ermin AJEL trying to get out of a vintage look.

Modified Ford Deluxe 1940

"I really like the American-made classic cars, classic cars can not look just like his day. Also I would like to move generation can enjoy classic cars, " Classic Wine Emporium gallery 's retainer. As usual however, get the right vehicle for the process is not easy for the lowrider theme.

Modified Ford Deluxe 1940

After doing a search, ditemukanlah Ford De Luxe 1940 in one corner of the city of Yogyakarta. "His condition is not too good, but his time in the car, saw it in one piece alone is remarkable, " Nana replied, mechanical Ermin confidence. And any restoration process begins.

Modified Ford Deluxe 1940

The body condition of the returned income bongsor has been freshened Through the use of galvanized plate with thickness of 1.2 mm. " The good chassis condition is still good, so there should be improvements to kiss or make a new chassis, " Nanang Add.

After Seamlessly back, the whole body plump De Luxe whitewash black color as the basis of Spies Hecker paint. To get candy lowrider Nuance wing, plus glitter red paint from Kingspaint dilaburkan, lacquer coated Lazy as much as 8 liters of Spies Hecker.

What is behind the hood is a manifestation of its own for Ermin. Due to the presence of the V8 engine thundering voice is a must for him. Salutnya, Ermin hornbills for liability, because a lump of 302 V8 engine 5,000 cc or approximately ordered directly Through colleagues in America.

Some changes such as the Lightweight 600 cfm Edelbrock carburetor uses fuel carburetion chosen in order to give the air reaches the maximum point. More than enough to drag the body to a bongsor De Luxe " riding low and slow".

Modified Ford Deluxe 1940

In order for the engine -powered ' rhino ' goes to the ' smooth', 4-speed automatic Transmsi of the Ford C - 4 rated ABLE provide appropriate power pernyaluran as expected, smooth steady but still on the road when powered lauched barriers drink.

" To give the engine mounting transnmisi Need some adjustments, but it is relatively easy anyway, " Nanang said. Changes made to create a new engine mounting cradle give custom radiator placement.

The process itself takes only time that De Luxe 4 months to transform into a fully lowrider. " We are a little ngerjainnya Also speeding anyway, because chasing one contest last year in akhit, " Nana replied. If the results are as good but give smooth as this, 4 months is a very short time to realize the wing webs " Shorty And Suavecito ".

Modified Ford Deluxe 1940


Presenting legs lowrider De Luxe wing recipe that is not as difficult as imagined on. Because has a simple construction, making disappear behind the round fenders stocky De Luxe, not Many obstacles. Although minus air suspension, no need to trim height with a ' long face '.

Such as rigid suspension that carried De Luxe, just pressing need leaf springs in the front give back. For sokbrekernya, which uses a custom version unfortunately Nana forget their origins.

Highlights precisely the type of the rim for wired OG Wheel identity is valid for the lowrider enthusiast. The size is 18x8 inches been assessed fit the body to adjust bongsor De Luxe.

The more special, Ermin order a tangible crystal order terlihar More Luxury spinner give catchy. Interestingly, the contest for Chasing, locally made tires are still using, Achilles Desert Hawk the profile 255/55R18. enough to bring the nuance in glamor legs De Luxe.

Modified Ford Deluxe 1940


Once the interior, Nuance entered directly luxury esterase, because Ermin juggle like walking Luxe Indoor lounge. The whole kabih wrapped with red suede with exterior color of order.

The LCD extravagant when combining Nuance see the presence of modern entertainment, TV usage as 19 inches complete with its minibars.

To the sound system itself, Ermin was still spirited move, Rockford Fosgate using the device. Eight speakers, 2 10 inch subwoofer get 3 pieces inserted monoblock 4 channel power as a power booster.

Fun, Ermin Also do not forget to make the inside more comfortable with using the A / C double blower blower compressor Belongs to give Toyota Avanza. Installation of double blower of his own with the use of roof bolts stick, wrapped Lazy back with suede lining. So give mass Comfortable Luxury in dekae glory as in De Luxe 40'. Refrence:(, Team. Retroisme & Bagja • Photo : Tim. Retroisme
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