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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Modified Ford Everest 2011, any machine Use AC - Modified Ford Everest 2011, any machine Use AC - A photo editor colleagues make sense of curiosity when he saw the figure of the Ford Everest 'bloat' Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution in drag race event some time ago.

Fortunately, the owner of Everest berkelir it is Yudi Tamara silver, old friends are rarely heard. Direct phone and make an appointment to meet, the story of its flagship SUV flowed smoothly.

Modified Ford Everest 2011, any machine Use AC

From the beginning, Yudi was fond of modification. Not only car, the health sector employers regarded as a collector of rare motorcycles and antique cars. He cried, down drag race but without forgetting nature as a family vehicle. The proof, the original automatic transmission is worn carpet and upholstery following still attached neatly.

Another craze, Yudi confident enough to perform without extreme modification. Evidence at Everest this. "Offal old pickle-apain baseball machine anyway, turbo still use the default," said the tall man. However, a variety of devices to maximize the performance of the machines installed in order to obtain maximum power 233 hp with 500 Nm of torque!

Earliest, he installs air conditioning evaporator for cooling air entering the combustion chamber. Thus, the refrigerant from the compressor air hose made to length, passed to the evaporator behind a grille. Then, the intake channel is directed from the evaporator, which is useful suck cool air to the combustion chamber.

Not just air, water included, too, so that the composition of the solar and incoming air is not too hot. "Use WMI system (Water Methanol Injection) from AEM., But, if you usually wear a tube 5 liters, this time the tide that has a capacity of 20 liters," said the father of a son.

Well, the incoming air so much more with colder temperatures, Yudi need supply more fuel to supply the needs of the engine. The solution, install an external fuel pump that can generate pressures up to 1.5 bar. "Turbo Boost 1.7 bar that was made about racing again," said Yudi again.

Modified Ford Everest 2011, any machine Use AC

Once the hardware has been installed all, then just install the software support for all parts working optimally. Unmitigated, 2 pieces mounted piggyback to boost engine power.

Yudi option using piggyback Alpha-Tech GT-Type I and ECU Shop Cube. "Alpha-Tech to increase injector pulse, then Cube is used to set the turbo boost and common-rail," said the man was friendly.
Upgrade Handling

When the engine power increased so dramatically, Yudi was negligent improve stability berpostur gambotnya SUV. It's nothing, was born with a great body, automatically takes extra effort to improve handling. Moreover, Everest had a fairly sizable body roll.

The trick, brace under the following set of lower arm attached to the body TRS alerts more rigid. The goal, of course not easy to roll when worn drag race start. Here sokbreker alerts Bilstein gas type berkelir blue and yellow which replaces the four original sokbreker.

Because wara-Wiri is still used daily, Yudi only replace a pair of smaller front tires. While the rear tire wear Toyo Open Country A / T 265/70-R16 size, just like the original. "If in fact be diminished because the spin continues," lid Yudi, smiling. Refrences: ( Rio-Bagja • Photos: True
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