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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Modified Ford F650 Truck Transformed So Limousine 20 Meters, wow!

Manautomotive - Modified Ford F650 Truck Transformed So Limousine 20 Meters - China - WOW! The word will appear when looked Ford F650 from China on this one. How not, the car is supposed to be 'berkodrat' as the truck has been transformed into a luxury limousine vehicles are super long.

F650 was modified with a new look that is different from the original version. Seen from the houses with the seamless glass behind displacing pickup. And applications central doors, which retreated far in front of the rear tire. With a long wheelbase, the F650 is still showing the size of the overhang is fantastic.

And no responsibility, F650's length reaches 20 meters. Even exceeds the average length of a bus in Indonesia such as Hino chassis RK, Mercedes Benz OH or Scania is only 12 meters. Of course, it takes special skills to take him swerving in between the congestion of the city.

There are no details about the specifications. But the standard version of the F650 embedded two engine options, the 6.8 liter petrol type of Ford Triton V10, and artificial selection of Cummins diesel engine volume 6.7 liters. Range power options are also varied. Ranging from 200-357 hp. While existing Ford transmission options TorqueShift 6-Speed ​​Automatic (Petrol), Allison 5-Speed ​​Automatic, Allison 6-Speed, 6-Speed ​​Fuller and Dana 7-Speed. References:( Lala-Ilham-Bagja • Photos: Carnewschina
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