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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Modified Ford Fiesta S A/T 2011, Suitable for Audiophile

Man Automotive - Modified Ford Fiesta S A/T 2011, Suitable for Audiophile - Indonesia - Upgrade the sound in the cabin of the Ford Fiesta relatively easy bother. The main obstacle when replacing the standard head unit with aftermarket versions, such as the difficulty of getting a replacement frame for the main driver that blends the Fiesta default dashboard.

Modified Ford Fiesta S A/T 2011, Suitable for Audiophile

However, the ease of creating the setting SQ (Sound Quality) audiophile style, it is possible because the interior including dashboard design supported owned the Fiesta.

That's why, Yon Sorari maintain the function of the default audio standard Fiesta SA / T hers, but still adding elements to satisfy the tastes Musically audiophile when driving.

Modified Ford Fiesta S A/T 2011, Suitable for Audiophile

That is, here the changes are applied Johny, fitter Mega Audio, focusing on two interests. First, the sound should be okay for listening to music and audiophile-themed songs. The second needs, accommodate their needs when they want to listen to the radio or when I have received a phone call via voice command feature congenital car.

Settings are applied in cabin Fiesta white color is embracing the concept of pure SQ. Through the installation of Dyn Audio speakers 3-way system in the front cabin, which is supported by the installation of two power-amp amplifier Mosconi rely AS100.4.

Installation by-amps are applied Johny, intended for power handling in each component speakers including subwoofer S10 Gramond more leverage to reproduce sound at every level of the tone frequency. "A 4-channel power amplifier is enabled for the drive component tweeters (2 channels) and midrange (2 channels). 4 channel power amplifier to drive another midbass (2 channels) and subwoofer (2 channel)," Johnny explained.

Modified Ford Fiesta S A/T 2011, Suitable for Audiophile

Specifically for the subwoofer, applying the method of bridge output stereo (default power amplifier) ​​into a mono output. With this trick, make the power output was only 100 watts RMS, and 400 watts RMS terkerek.

Our hearing test session was done, to prove the quality of the final result in a cabin setting SQ Fiesta's output in December 2011.

Stage sound effects (sound staging) is quite good, with the distance to the sound of the listener's position (distance to sound stage) far enough, while the high sound staging are aligned with the view towards the front of the frontal eye.

For depth or depth of sound effects, created quite perfect because it supported the wide dashboard design. Automatically create audible sound too wide, to the extent the outside mirrors on the inside.

Modified Ford Fiesta S A/T 2011, Suitable for Audiophile

Since the 3-way systems rely dome tweeter and midrange type (dome), so responding to the creation of a mid-high sound effects more comfortable in the ear. Not to mention the dispersion of each component speakers are quite wide, making the vocals sound more weight.

The addition of DEX Pioneer head unit-P99RS plus remote in front of the cabin, not without reason. Because standard head unit which is equipped with features like voice command, steering remote control and telephone facilities, fixed function support for daily activities.

When they wanted to play and enjoy audiophile-themed song rebound, just turn off the standard head unit and directly activates the DEX-P99RS's built-in processor. Refrences:( Anton-Bagja • Photo: Anton
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