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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Modified Ford Ranger, 2004, Do not Look He looks - Modified Ford Ranger, 2004, Do not Look He looks - Because often used in mining areas, the contours of the road full rise and fall across the hills and mountains. Kind of double cabin SUV that many in Borneo, much modified by the flow of off-road. However, the difference is made Dimas Ramadan in his 2004 Ford Ranger output.

Modified Ford Ranger, 2004, Do not Look He looks

Though only 14 years old, Dimas had wild ideas outside the box changes generally. Changes legs that do not reflect the fact that the car will see the muddy dirt road, let alone a track full of mud. "Let me just look different. And it looks so slang too right," he explained.

Most obvious, just look at the rim ADS 24 inch chrome ring, wrapped in tires 285/40R24 Achilles which has dimensions that decorate the fender. The extra-large wheel dimensions raises precisely the impression SUV slang for urban areas.

Interestingly, not only see Ranger Dimas favorite of his looks alone. Day-to-day activities of students of SMP Negeri 2 Balikpapan, in addition to Ranger school is often brought out into the mining area after his father. "Once this car looks dirty all full of mud. Such as gone come the off-road course," chortled Dimas who adopt TJM suspension brand from Australia.

Modified Ford Ranger, 2004, Do not Look He looks

Besides the legs, can display diliat levers on the front bumper, and rear fender. Everything is custom. Made from 3 mm thick iron plate arable Dian Citra CV workshops in the area of ​​Jl. Three In, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. Impressed neat because the process didempul then painted black. The impression given armature emerged after the landing plate and sticker accents cleaning carbon motif on the front bumper.

Most outside the box again is change of interior. Because this is the first to use a Ford Ranger full carbon coating on the dash. No half-hearted, the process is submitted directly to the Fast Jakarta Carbon Fiber in the garage, in the Tambun, Bekasi. Not surprisingly, the results are so neat and detailed.

Totally, these changes won the category The Biggest Wheel and Carbon Freak contest modification in the E-Walk, Aberdeen some time ago. Congratulations .. Refrences: ( Domas-Bagja • Photos: Domas
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