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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Modified Honda Accord coolest of Aceh

Man Automotive - Modified Honda Accord coolest of Aceh - Despite living in Aceh, Sumatra end, does not mean blind Syahri Khairul car modification growth in the country. It proved Arol - Khairul familiar greeting - through Honda Accord sedan that has been owned by his dimodif in all areas.

Modified Honda Accord coolest

Moreover, the output sedan 2009 remodel his intention to enter the contest with the ambition to win. As well, "Have pride," he said.

Not surprisingly, Honda Accord look so much gambot after received additional exterior body kit. And members of the E-Style Auto Club Banda Aceh refers Custom Ipan do.

Modified Honda Accord coolest

Touch seemed to design a customized grille with a body that is already bulging, because all four wheels wearing 22-inch DPE wheels with different sizes, ie, 9.5-inch front and 10.5-inch rear. Plus bumper ramps approaching the road surface.

Metallic black color is maintained, even more elegant hang Accord after the body side are given in the form of flower motif. Single exhaust tip made so superganda.

Modified Honda Accord coolest

Apparently, it is more extreme modifications to the interior. The presence of the mini bar in the front and rear, is not a new concept. But, the mini bar in the rear similar to the premium brand of Toyota, which is in the middle of the seat.

Modified Honda Accord coolest

Imagine, not only spread the screen door in the wall and the back of the head. Also, there on the floor. Order audio was in the luggage space, also grown up in the hood.
Excellent! - Refrences : Mobil Otomotifnet.

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