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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Porting Important As Setting

Porting Important As Setting - Efforts to boost the performance of the engine, not just replace components of racing. No less important, ported cylinder heads. That is, for the supply of fuel-air inlet and a lot more smoothly. But not many are aware, if this step could drastically increase engine power.
Porting Important As Setting

Porting process is not random. Need extra precision so that the result is perfect. If incorrect, the engine power even lackluster. Naturally, if the mechanical wearing for about Rp 700,000 for doing it. But, what the hell his name was ported? "Porting step is to look for the ideal volumetric efficiency for fuel gas," said Suryo Swasono Taqwa, mechanical GARDEN SPEED Cilandak, South Jakarta. The principle is to seek more fuel gas mixture entering (cfm) at high speed (air speed).

The result is lower lap torque rise. Most importantly, increases the power band without making wasteful fuel consumption. Make that goal, opening the intake manifold and the cylinder head redesigned geometry angles. The goal, gasoline mixed with air can be sucked in. smoothly, like a tornado sucking the play (venturi).

The process is divided into three stages. Depending on the form of a standard hole intake manifold and cylinder head. If the plant has been able to design a venturi effect, pretty blue printing. Namely, leveling hole lips meeting between the intake manifold to the cylinder head (Fig.1). You see, the manufacturer does not necessarily make the parts fit, so it needs to be refined.

After that, forwarded polish. The trick with a contoured surface smoothing rough (orange peel) in the hole. Usually this work is done manually, relying round drill grinding (Fig.2).

In developed countries, the process is different. Blue printing is done CNC machines. Medium polish wear a special machine, with the goal, "Smooth 'orange peel' in the remote parts. The trick with pasta grill spitting high pressure through the ends of the hole, "Taqwa said.

Create a standard intake venturi effect which has not been formed, the hole got in the cylinder head must be overhauled. Parts that need dipapas, of which the outer lips inlet (triangular) and the bottom chamber. The size depends on the purposes, no more than a maximum of 5 mm (Fig.3). Then follow the intake manifold hole scalable and 'orange peel' again crushed.

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When ported, beware of areas outside the inlet lip, upper chamber and a lower chamber (Fig.4). Because the two points are areas closest water circulation holes. "So the risk of leaks and fatal had anticipated," commentator Taqwa again.
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