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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Smart Tips For Your Car is wasteful of fuel

11:24 PM
Smart Tips For Your Car is wasteful of fuel - Actually to make fuel efficient cars real easy. There are 4 steps that are used to save the fuel consumption of vehicles. Just so you carefully, then the consumption of your vehicle not be wasteful. Here I am posting some of the steps to the car more fuel efficient, who knows there among the readers who need it:

Smart Tips For Your Car is wasteful of fuel

Hit the gas pedal slowly.
Try to reach speeds of 0-20 miles per hour in 5 seconds. Stepping on the gas should be done slowly without jerking too deep gas.

Maintain a constant speed.
Keeping pace in a constant state besides supporting the driving safety as well as to conserve fuel.

Remove the gas early.
Removing the gas early to reduce speed before stopping (do engine brake). Engine brake is one of us so that no wasteful use of fuel.

Reducing the use of air conditioning.
Adjust the air conditioner with the weather conditions outside. If necessary switch off in case the AC is not required, as this will lighten the work of the engine. With so fuel consumption is not redundant.

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