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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Understand Rally Car Ignition

Understand Rally Car Ignition - During this time many people thought that the engine will automatically run once the sparks jumping from the spark plug. Though not as easy as it is, to memantikan fire from the spark plug so that the engine takes a turn on the long process that involves a number of components.

Understand Rally Car Ignition

Components it is; distributor, coil, coil wires, spark plugs and spark plug wires. When you turn on the car and on the orders of the components through which the components terpecik-fire ignition from spark plugs and the air heats fuel and fuel diruang. Diruang the fuel, air and fuel that has been heated by the movement of the piston upward pressure on the compression stroke. Some time after the compression process occurs, then an explosion which resulted in the business step.

The process applies to all vehicles rally to date. But the ignition process as it is less satisfactory because of frequent failures (misfire) so that the performance of the machine is interrupted. Many factors that cause misfire, but the main cause is usually improper ignition.

To prevent misfire, the experts find solutions to make sparks as big as possible so that a more accelerated warming bias.

The technology is still not satisfactory. Misfire still occurs. Opinions that sparks must be as big it does not ensure the effective and efficient running of ignition.

The assumption was eventually disallowed bias. The researchers considered that there are two important things in the ignition system: first is the timing (timing control) when sparks terpantik and both should be right on the cylinder.

The logic is like this; combustor (combustion chamber) sungai.Biasanya likened to a stream if the stream is great and surface water is high, then high pressure. While described as the sparks are about to cross the river.

In the swift river currents, far more configurable easy to take across the lean than fat. Because fat people would take across easily swept away and requires great energy that he got over there. While thin people take across will be easier because the weight is not too large. That's the analogy. Thus, the larger is not necessarily accurate to kesasaran than sharp.

Finally, the experts considered that the spark does not need to be too big, but rather must be crisp and to the point. So at the present time a small-tipped spark plugs between 0.4 mm-0, 5mm. Another old plugs that ends with a bias to 1.7 mm. Now is also a wide-tipped spark plugs are still outstanding.

Although the plugs have been updated, they also found misfire. This is due to the time delay from the computer to the car perangkatpengapian ordered plugs for splashing. Because, before the command from the computer to the spark plug, it must pass through the distributor and the current from the coil. That is, the energy must pass through the coil wires and spark plug wires. Well, the failure of the ignition coil is also biased due to cable or spark plug wires that went wrong because of damage.

To anticipate, langksh first is by adding an amplifier to enlarge and extend the time that dipantik by sparks plugs. Even this has not solved the problem. Then coil propagated. Each cylinder has a single coil. Spark plug wires still in use, but the distributor removed. This means that the ignition system has eliminated the process, which is the distributor.

Along with the development of time, more perfect the technology ditemukanlah. Direct coil placed just above the spark plugs. So every one koil.Teknologi plugs have already eliminate the role of the coil wires and spark plug wires.

Along with that, the rally car computer system also experienced amazing progress. Computer device that can read engine commands in more detail, including the complete command on the ignition system. So now this rally car coil voltage (see World Rally Car) is smaller than the first rally car era.

However it has spark or a spark of energy is much larger, which helped a sophisticated computer program to mengakurasikan proper ignition timing.

The sophistication of the ignition system also affects the turbo power is applied to the car rally. In the turbo system, we know the existence of lag. This lag occurs because the turbines need energy in a given volume to drive a turbine compressor for compressing air fuel space. The average lag occurs before 3000rpm. So when there is group B, one manufacturer seeks to overcome the lag by using supercharged diputaran down, and a new turbo works diputaran above.

The presence of advanced ignition technology as it is now, making the anti-lag system emerged. With this system, the ignition can be directly improved by more than 40% so the driver gas lift (lift throttle). This can happen due to a computer command or a percentage based on the toggle switch throttle position. With the turbo, exhaust manifold temperature becomes hot. No wonder that many people think the sound of rally cars explode when the lift comes from the engine throttle. Though not!

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Actually the sound was not coming from the engine, but from the exhaust manifold. Once the racer did lift the throttle, fuel diruang preheated fuel-ignition system with advanced touch-wall exhaust manifold temperature is very hot. When touching the wall exhaust manifolds that there was an explosion. Because the explosion occurred before the turbine exhaust turbo, the turbo still spinning.
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