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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Various Standard equipment that must be in the car

Various Standard equipment that must be in the car - For people who frequently traveled overland by car, it is not likely an unpleasant experience occurs in their cars, such as a car suddenly breaking down or a car tire suddenly deflated or leaking and should be replaced with a spare tire when browsing on the way. Such things must have been quite a hassle, especially if the problem occurs at night, it would be more troublesome because it is not easy for searching the garage at night to fix it.

For that, it helps if you have some simple equipment that is placed in the car. The goal is just to in case of a sudden there is a problem or there is a constraint on your car when it is on the way. That way, you can perform an emergency repair using emergency equipment that you have prepared earlier if problems occur suddenly or occur constraint on the car as long as you are on the way.

Various kinds of equipment that should be a Standard Inside Car

Then, what are the tools that should be in a car?

Various Standard equipment that must be in the car

Jack and Wheel Locks
The existence of the jack and wheel lock on a car can be fairly vital. You can use it to jack up the car if your car tires suddenly leak or deflated. While useful key to unlock the wheel and put the wheel bolts. To lock the wheel, you should have a complete lock all sizes, or if not, the size of which you should have is the key sizes 17,19,21 and 23.

This tool serves as a source of illumination that will surely be very useful as a supporting medium ie when doing repairs, if the constraints that occur in the vehicle or your car at night.

Ancillary equipment
Which includes additional completions are like cloth or chamois, wrenches, L keys, scissors, cutter, plus minus screwdriver, duct tape or masking tape, glue iron, power glue, pliers and small wire. The function of these tools are very numerous and flexible enough to be used, such as to repair a loose rear view mirror, broken glass, until the leaking oil.

By having standard equipment as we show above on your car, of course you can do an emergency repair when problems occur suddenly in the car while on the way. And on arrival at the destination, you can check back to bring it to the authorized repair shop or repair shop you trust in order to avoid fatal damage later.
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