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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Car Reviews BMW 3 Series E36 (318i, 320i, 323i)

Car Reviews BMW 3 Series E36 (318i, 320i, 323i)
Brand: BMW
Model: 3 Series E36 (318i, 320i, 323i)
Transmission: 5-speed Manual & Automatic 5 speed
Year of Manufacture: 1992-1999
New price: -
Second Price: 50-83jt (depending on engine)

Vehicle Specifications:
RWD, ABS, EBD, Airbags, ASC (323i only), VANOS (6 Cylinders Only)
1800cc = 115hp and 165Nm, 4 Cylinder
2000cc = 150hp and 190nm, 6 Cylinder
2500cc = 170hp and 256Nm, 6 Cylinder

BMW E36, There are no other words to say besides "the ultimate driving machine", this car is a real form of the seriousness of the current BMW makes cars for the rider (driver's car).

Similarly to the previous generation BMW E30, BMW E36 is a refinement of the technology and the results of the previous generation. All observations and user feedback BMW E30 accommodated and made real when creating this E36 BMW.

The result is not a regular thing, with 50-50 weight distribution with any engine, this car has the handling increasingly more spectacular. This car can be proven toughness in racing-racing professionals or beginners.

Not just that, this car can be called as the first 3 series truly comfortable for the occupants. With the area of ​​the hind legs and trunk are spacious enough to make truly practical. But this car is not only without drawbacks, the model early years (1992-1994) have problems with the sound quality of the interior on the dashboard (especially from the factory though).

BMW E36 is one of the aerodynamic sedan in its season, when viewed from the side body lines and the silhouette looks like the wind is first noticed when the trunk design is a bit sticking out like a wind-swept backward.

  • Attractive body shape
  • 6-cylinder engine powered
  • Suspension fitting
  • Perfect handling-Practical
  • Interior silence

  • Impressed cramped cockpit
  • Interior quality is not consistent

Nothing can be said other than "Ultimate Driving Machine".

ReviewMobils opinion (subjective):
If you like to drive, this is the right car for you. Before choosing another car, I recommend to try to test drive this car first.

I never had a chance to try the 318i, 320i, and 323i. ReviewMobils Highly recommend to take at least 320i series. Since the power to weight offered very precise, because the 1800cc engine in the 318i is too small and lacking life for this car. I also recommend the manual transmission if you want to feel all the potential of E36.

Then, if it is able to get the car over the years trying to choose the 320i are 95 years old or 92/93 are not yet VANOS, because you will be able to feel the difference and hentakannya course.

I can not say what it was like to use this car. But this is the most convenient and the perfect car in handlingnya affairs of all the cars I've ever tried. And to this day the best title is still held by this car.

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