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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Car Reviews BMW E30 318i (M40)

Car Reviews BMW E30 318i (M40)
Brand: BMW
Model: E30 318i (M40)
Transmission: Automatic 5 Acceleration
Year of Construction: 1982-1988 (M10), 1988-1991 (M40)
New Price: 56,000,000 (1989)
Second Price: 33-41jt

BMW E30 318i (M40)

Vehicle Specifications:
PW, PS (depending on the year), RWD, Independent Suspension
M10 engine: 105hp and 140Nm
M40 engine: 115hp and 165Nm

The BMW E30 automobile is one model of the venerable aerospace manufacturer Bavaria. In Indonesia, the car is equipped with a 1800cc engine L Jetronic injection system (M10) and Motronic (M40). When compared to cars in its class, the BMW E30 is an amazing car but with completeness that there is relatively less and the back of the interior space can be said to be simple.

However, the design of the E30 remained eternal of all time, and from any angle this car youthful. Apalgi when viewed from the power sector, the car is not in doubt, the default state of this car can be brought up to 192kmh, and handlingnya was not exactly bad. Because it is a car that is famous in part handlingya could always make anyone smile for the rider.

Judging from the interior design, this car is reserved for the driver, it can be said in this sector is rather selfish car like a child who does not want to give candy to anyone else. Starting from the dashboard design that bends to the driver until ac airways that normally leads to the driver. This car was made for driving. This is the initial result of BMW's most famous slogan "The Ultimate Driving Machine".

- The machine that always want to shout
- The driving position is more amazing than the word comfortable
- Handling spectacular
- Save Fuel
- VERY cheap spare part

- Interior narrow rear
- Completeness minimal
- Brake less standard to the existing engine power
- The distance between the machine and the ground near

This is one of the best cars for the BMW-owned, because spare parts are cheap and are supplied in several workshops and fuel economy (this is also the last BMW is still recommended to use Premium fuel types by manually booknya). What's more, the styling is not boring and a lot of aftermarket parts if you like retro modification.

Opinions Car (subjective):
Find the doortrimnya still so expensive original value. Seat not really matter because the car seats that is easily damaged originalnyanya (velvet).

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