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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Car Reviews BMW E46 318i

Car Reviews BMW E46 318i
Brand: BMW
Model: E46 318i
Transmission: Automatic
Year :1999-2005
New Price (at the time had / test): 250jt's
Second Price (at time of writing reviews): 100-150 jtan

BMW E46 318i

Vehicle Specifications: (318i Facelift 2002)
Wheelbase 2725 mm
Front track 1471 mm
Rear track 1483 mm
Length 4471 mm

Width 1739 mm
Height 1415 mm
Engine Capacity 1995cc
Number of Cylinders 4
Power 143ps / 141 bhp
Torque of 200 nm
Top Speed ​​217 km / h
Transmission 5-speed Steptronic

BMW E46 is the fourth generation of the BMW 3 series. This car is also a compact executive class, with a more sporty appearance and more compact dimensions of the BMW 5 series.

During ReviewMobils knowledge in Indonesia entered the body of the E46 3 types, namely sedan, coupe and M3 high performace car. In Indonesia is enough to sell the car, seen from the number of the car, walking back and forth in the capital or other areas.

Cars weighing, 4 tons was produced to compete with the C-Class from Mercedes-Benz has taken that in his day the lights kind of "nut". BMW type is widely used by young children or young executives not only because of its compact dimensions, sporty appearance, as well as the availability after-market accessories that can enhance the appearance and performance of this car.

This car is a facelift at the end of 2002, with a minor change on the lights, hood, bumper, grill, and take a new, more powerful engine.

  • Sporty look and seem more luxurious
  • Luxury image of the brand BMW still feels attached
  • Dimensional compact, convenient to use in urban
  • Has adopted STEPTRONIC Automatic Transmission, Suitable for use when speeding
  • AC has been digitally 18-32 Celsius
  • Complete safety features
  • Handling feels perfect
  • After-market accessories and spare parts in the market many
  • Stern section was not easy inedible times

  • The suspension is a bit harsh, the impact of unparalleled handling
  • rubbers fast center console brittle
  • weak suspension, subscriptions usually replace his arm bushing
  • The model looks getting a little senile, along with increasing population E90
  • Spare parts are relatively expensive

Simple, luxurious and sporty at the current market price is around 100-150jt, this car is worth to buy.

Opinions :
During ReviewMobils team experience wearing this car, the 318i and 318i th 2000 facelift in 2002, this car comfortable to use for day-to-day, although for the use of exit or stay in the city comfortable to wear, the beauty of this car is getting radiated with large dimension wheels with body-kit M3.

Only the non facelift machine, still feel under power, but the engine is more stubborn and minimal maintenance, but for that kind of power is more pronounced facelift but be careful, coded N43 engine is a little fussy!

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