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Saturday, January 11, 2014

How Body Modification Motor With Fiberglas

How Body Modification Motor With Fiberglas - For example the motor will use a modification of this time or Modification Jupiter MX 2011, we will memmodifikasi motor using materials called fiberglass, and some are able to use less expensive materials though Plstick and more powerful. For materials and equipment that we need is:

  • Grinding hands or usually mention slepan
  • Hand drill
  • Sandpaper (emery meter uk uk 400 and emery paper 1000 & 2000)
  • spatula
  • brushes (uk 1 1/2 inches)
  • Kompressor
  • Spray Gun
  • Paint Brush (optional)

 As for the materials that we need are:
  • Clay
  • Liquid resin catalyst / hardener
  • Or Fiber Fiber Mat
  • Two component putty
  • Putty 1 component
  • Epoxy or paint base
  • Duco paint
  • Varnish or Clear Coat
  • Thinner
  • Kalk or powder
  • Flick Soaps / Detergents

For simple modif, we use Resin, Matt, and catalysts. With a third of the material we've been able to make fiberglass, but the resulting quality is not as good as with the use of a complete material sob.

For the manufacturing process can be a variety of ways, for example, we could use the Software Lightwave 3D or 3dsmax.

We can also use an alternative to clay, the clay soil we attach accordance with trancangan / Modification form of desire that we will create, then we stick Paper Clay was on the ground, which is the function of the function of the paper so that the clay tidek stick with fiberglass , the next step Scissors and glue Fiber Fiber In Motor body follows the style clay before, and then apply resin to the body so that All Body Motor Motor fused and mengeras.Yang hasrus observed when annealing try not to press the motor body because fear was later effects of stress can be Motor Body shape change. If so the result will not be good.

How Body Modification Motor With Fiberglas

Once dry, we do cutting Motor Body, Please dengannhatis carefully cut the unused portion, for example if we want to make holes or indentations, but we must first clean the motor body with detergent to completely clean.

The next step putty, sandpaper first motor body with a rather coarse sandpaper (UK 400), then do the motor body putty on the newly contrived.

Well after dempulan dry, do re-sanding using 400 Aplas UK with the help of water, it is meant for faster execution.
Once completed and the results have been uneven, then mix Tiner + + Epoxy hardener, mix a quarter by quarter Haderner expoxy, then stir and pour Tiner.
Then do the spraying material onto a surface ditas Body motors, ideally go round 40cm distance, and wait for epoxy to dry, after doing a dry sanding with fine aplas, Well if you have this, the results will begin to be seen Buddy motor.

Once the above step is complete, we have almost completed our work, subsequent painting, usahana in hot weather or light, note that the ash should not be menempempel on your paint. Once the paint is dry do the second and third.

Well after we finish the painting stages of the third, it means we just do the finishing mate, the materials we use adalaj Varnish + hardener + Thinner. Technik is the most important time in which the mixture to be fitted, before we do the spraying, please Try your first spray results in another Bisang unused. If the mixture is sprayed was not dripping, then the mixture is already Pas, but if the mixture is still dripping it means the mixture has not been fitted. If the mixture is just right, the next step do the painting. Work with Caution. Then dry your Motor Body. Done mate motors.

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