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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How to Cope Motorcycles Strike while the Flood

How to Cope Motorcycles Strike while the Flood - Currently flood has become the daily news on television. In Jakarta there is probably no longer the city that was not affected by the flood. This condition makes us pengendera motor should be extra careful because if we are not careful the motor could strike the middle of the road. When this happens it will be very annoying, especially if your home or goals to be pursued is still very far away.

When the streets flood and we force us to break through the motor which then makes our motor broke down, this condition is usually caused by:
  1. Head under water plugs resulting in inhibition of sparks
  2. Ingress of water in the carburetor
  3. The entry of water into the flue gas exhaust resulting in irregular engine

Well if you have experienced these things, here are some tips that you can apply, please look out for:
  1. Pull your motor to place a safer, better safe than puddles and the street so as not bumped.
  2. Disconnect the spark plug head and then wipe with a dry cloth and do not forget to unplug also wipe clean the electrode spark plugs and spark plug of dirt. Then close the spark plug hole with a dry cloth and kick starter until the water vapor no longer out of the spark plug hole. Then reinstall the spark plugs and spark plug head.
  3. Position the motorcycle on the center standard, and press the handle seat so that the motor tilted back. It is intended that the existing water in the exhaust out through a hole under the exhaust. "And do not forget to lubricate the exhaust with oil that is not easy to rust."
  4. Close the gas valve, and remove the remaining fuel in the carburetor (because of possible mixed with water). You do this by turning the exhaust bolts to the left. After the fuel out through the drain hose, then replace the drain hose and do not forget to re-open the gas valve was closed
  5. If after you do the above steps, but also the motor you do not want to live, then the solution would not want to take it to the nearest garage.

A few post Tip Motors Strike At Flood, may be useful and remain vigilant when forced berkendera in the rain and floods as it is today.

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