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Thursday, January 2, 2014

How To Maintain Your Car To Remain Sustainable Cat

How To Maintain Your Car To Remain Sustainable Cat - Maybe we've seen a car that should be new, but the color of the paint was a bit dull. For every car owner surely wants his car always shiny like new when bought from the show room. Actually the car paint from the factory has a good quality and tested and can generally last up to a dozen years, but it depends on the car paint care.

How To Maintain Your Car To Remain Sustainable Cat

To keep your car paint preserved, here are some tips for keeping the car paint color to keep it shiny as I quoted from one of the forum members post online:

Protect Your Car from Weather
Try to park the car in the roof or shade, so avoid hot direct sun or rain. Sunlight radiating continuously may damage the car. If you must leave the car for a long time in a place exposed to the sun, you should cover the car with a quality car cover. Similarly, if the car is not exposed to rain soon then there will be patches of dried-cak stain fungus culprit. At night, it is advisable to avoid direct contact between the cars with dew because it can accelerate the onset of rust. If you do not have a closed garage car should be covered with a tarpaulin bag or car.

Routine Car Wash
Wash the car regularly at least 2 weeks. This is to avoid the accumulation of pollutants, dust and chemicals that can damage the car paint color.

The time and place for the Most Ideal Car Wash
The most ideal time to wash the car when the vehicle is cold, done and done in the open and shaded.

Use Car Shampoo
Avoid detergents When Car Wash. The chemicals in the detergent may diminish the brilliance of the paint. We recommend using the standard car shampoo and has a good track record for a car wash, but when finished using soap / shampoo to bathe origin does not contain detergent.

Rinse immediately with Water When Washing Soap Car
When the car wash soap suds should avoid sticking too long on the car body especially in the sun, because it can cause patches of paint stains on the car. It had better be done lathering immediately doused with water.

Note Water Pressure At Car Wash
Pressure water spray to wash a car is advisable not too tight, so as not to damage the paint because the water pressure is too tight. The water spray is used to clean the dirt on the car body, then simply with moderate pressure.

Dry the car with Lap After Washed
After washing, the car should be dried using a cloth or chamois leather, so that the water does not stick and imprint on the car body.

Beware When Wiping
Prudence when wiping the car is important, because when the car in dirty conditions and tiny particles stick when wiped, it will cause scratches that damage the paint. When wiping using a damp cloth so that the particles do not stick to scratch.

After washing the rain
Rainwater still have a salt content, the role of the salt content is so fast cars cause corrosion loss. After the rain immediately wash with car shampoo that contains salt stick soon disappear.

Remove the Coarse Particles Attached to Cars
Remove fine dust in the car, should be used as a duster cleaning tool that can avoid blisters in the paint surface.

Avoid liquids to Ruin
As far as possible avoid the paint from liquid spills that can damage such as brake fluid, liquid oil and others. When exposed to clear and clean up spills immediately.

Use Wax
To protect and maintain the luster of the paint color, you can coating with wax. The use of wax to protect the paint layer mobi car from UV rays and other pollutants. Waxing can be done every 2-3 months to provide extra protection on your car paint. See also : Know Your Car Types Based on the type.

A few post Tips on How to Maintain Sustainable Keep Car Paint may be useful.
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