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Thursday, January 2, 2014

How to Wash Motorcycles Injection

How to Wash Motorcycles Injection - Motor Injection? Possible for us injection motor is no longer new. Lately, using the latest technology trends injection motors, motor manufacturers busy to replace them with a variant of motorcycle carburetor injection variant which is actually more efficient, responsive and certainly more environmentally friendly.

How to Wash Motorcycles Injection
Because of the new replace the motor (although not new alias resale) of the motor long life motor with kaburator be ijeksi technology, inevitably also forced a little bit of info about the injection method. This time I want to share info on how to properly wash the injection motor.

Wash injection motor to note that there are slightly different from the regular motor. One of them is due to existing devices on the motor is not waterproof injection is different from the motor that does not use the injection system. Although these devices are already equipped with watertight course we also have to remain vigilant, because if the injection until something is broken, it must be replaced immediately. Is not prevention better than replacing new.

There are three devices that we must protect the motor when washing injection technology, ie

  • ECM,
  • Throttle Body, and
  • Socket.

These three sections are usually located separately. If the throttle body and the socket is usually located on the top of the machine. So for washing machine area need to be extra careful, which is the correct way to spray from the top down, not up from below and above. It is intended to allow the throttle Bodu and sockets to avoid continuous water pressure that can cause damage to the devices.

ECM is usually located on the top of the rear fender. To wash the rear fender does not need to be sprayed continuously. The best way is to first wipe the brush and cloth, rinse with sprayed. In this way the ECM remains safe from water splashes.

By knowing how to properly wash the injection motor, motorcycle owners injection is expected to have a way to secure the self-injection devices when washing. And if the injection motor mate more often in place of washing washing mending motors rather chatty with a direct message to pencucinya because no excess water spraying into three parts earlier, rather than breaking down mate motorcycle and will certainly spend some more to fix it.

A few Tips Wash Post Motor Injection, may be useful.

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