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Friday, January 10, 2014

Modification Toyota Avanza Sporty and Trendy

Modification Toyota Avanza Sporty and Trendy - Today I will make an article about toyota avanza or more details about the modifications that toyota avanza. Toyota Avanza is a car manufactured in Indonesia by the manufacturer Daihatsu, which marketed in two brands of Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia. The first generation car was launched when Gaikindo Auto Expo 2003 and sold 100,000 units in that year. The name "Avanza" is derived from the Italian avanzato, which means "improvement".
Toyota Avanza type S.

At the end of 2006, launched the New Avanza-Xenia with changes in appearance, accessories, performance improvements and new engine tech setting variable valve VVT-i, which completes all versions (facelift). At the end of 2006 also launched the New Avanza S (1.5 S VVT-i) which is a complete version with engine capacity of 1500 cc VVT-i, rear parking sensors, ABS braking technology and aluminum rims 15 ". Machine 1,500 cc VVT-i is used by Toyota Avanza has the exact same specifications with the Toyota Rush. New Avanza S is available in two transmission options, manual and automatic.

While changes in the overall model (full model change) conducted in 2011 which marked the beginning of the second generation. The emergence of a new variant Veloz (derived from English, which means velocity Velocity) into a variant of the top (top of the line) is also a differentiator with previous generations.

Toyota Avanza is also marketed in several countries in Asia Pacific such as Malaysia (Version 1.5 G is equipped with airbags), Thailand, and the Philippines, while also marketed in South Africa and Mexico. While the first generation Daihatsu Xenia also sold in the People's Republic of China with a configuration engine capacity of 1300 cc 4 cylinder like the Toyota Avanza.

Car Modification Toyota Avanza Sporty and Trendy

Modification Toyota Avanza

Modification Toyota Avanza

Modification Toyota Avanza

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Hopefully the article about the Toyota Avanza Modification Sporty and Trendy this.
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