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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Modified Ferrari LaFerrari FXXR Hardcore Design

Modified Ferrari LaFerrari FXXR Hardcore Design - Here's Modified Ferrari LaFerrari FXXR Hardcore Designs DMC concoction. Automotive News sepitar latest car world car comes back through the world of fast cars is the Ferrari LaFerrari FXXR. Know if on some type of Ferrari cars were found to experience the very totality of debris such as the Ferrari Enzo FXX be, and 599 becomes 599 GTO XX, and this time to reshuffle the turn of Ferrari LaFerrari be undergoing changes. So, please refer to himself rombakannya following results are of course as the title above due to a special appearance and looks wow really hardcore.
Actually DMC is arguably the world modifier has been very reliable in playing frightening to overhaul the car design world-class cars. If you have previously appeared on the Ferrari 458 Ferrari LaFerrari estremo Edizione now become the target of production of DMC.

Modified Ferrari LaFerrari FXXR Hardcore Design

Please see the picture images we serve, especially for embedded bumper with carbon fiber material. Not only that, due to its design was also created specifically to enhance the press down.
As for the issue of the engine coolant is also specially designed to enhance the driving dynamics so that the engine stays cool. Ventilation in the setting directly used to obtain the maximum air consumption.

Looking from the stern side, if for matte black exhaust has become his character. From this side, the Ferrari LaFerrari FXXR that looks harmonious and fierce from various angles.

That was a Ferrari Car Modification LaFerrari FXXR Hardcore Design concoction DMC, please wait for news of other modifications.

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