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Friday, January 10, 2014

Secure Motorcycle Tips of the Burglar Wearing Liquid Satan

Increasingly sophisticated mode used by thieves. Nowadays we hear a lot of information from colleagues and the public about the mode of the new motor vehicle theft by using a chemical called 'liquid devil'. Therefore we need to be aware that we do not become the next victim.

In order for our vehicles safe one is to provide additional security on our motors, but sometimes it is not enough. Here are 5 Tips to Secure Your Motorcycle From Theft Use 'liquid Satan' that can be used as an alternative to securing the motor of the action of the thief who uses the devil fluid as I quoted from one member kaskus post, please watch :

Parking at The Parking Official and Secure.
Because the theft mode using liquid devil is also often act in public car park. If possible, select only the location of the parking attendant that there are always checking vehicle registration when it will leave the parking lot, there is evidence of a parking ticket, no CCTV surveillance cameras, and security guards guarding around the parking lot.

Parking In Place Easily Controlled.
If the motorcycle parked in the parking lot besides the official, make sure the vehicle easily monitored, because the motorcycle thieves only took less than one minute or less to steal your bike

If There Boks wary Cars, Pick Up, And Being In The Truck Side Motor.
Of some cases, the perpetrator of the types of cars are parked on the side or around the location of parking your bike. Motorcycle thieves can quickly carry your bike, then made off with your bike forever.

Provide Additional Security Lock On Motor.
Lock your bike with extra keys, such as wheel locks, handlebar lock, alarm, padlocks, chains, disc and disc lock. Despite these safeguards can still be destroyed by liquid devil, at least the thief will be more difficult to act.

Use the Secret Key
Of some security, it looks like using a secret key that is hidden in the breaker at the electrical motors tersmbunyi. Vehicle will be safe from thieves syndicate that uses the liquid devil, because even though the lock had been tampered with the electric current was cut off on the secret key.

A few Tips to Secure Your Motor posts Maling The Use Of Liquid Satan, may be useful.

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