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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Steps Tips Treatment Motor Matic

Matic motor is so excellent at this time, the girls usually like this type of motor because it is simple and easy. As a routine used vehicles, motor matic also need treatment, one wash so that the motor remains charming and durable. Overall, motor matic treatment is not much different from the treatment of the motor in general. Only in some parts, it needs special treatment, such as V-Belt are part be a wheel system.

Steps Tips Treatment Motor Matic

Perform correctly and periodic maintenance on the motor matic, not only can affect the performance of the motor is more 'yahud' but also can extend the life of the motor matic part.

Well here are the steps or tips that can be done to the motor matic in order to remain sleek and durable.

Routine servicing Motor Matic
Perform routine service once every 2 months, as a check spark plugs, air filter open to check the V belt tension, until the tire pressure and the condition of the motor brake. And do not forget to always heat up mmotor before use. Better to use the starter crank to start the engine when they wanted heated.

Oil Change Under Conditions.
Substitution engine oil has an important role to lubricate engine components. Change oil every 2,000 miles and multiples thereof. Wear oil that suits your Matic motors, if your users usually dibengkel Honda Matic will be given AHM Oil.

Check and Clean kaburator
For those who still use carburetors technology, it's good to check and clean the carburetor 3 months. Or whenever the service is better cleaned.

Clean and check valve
Every 15,000 km valve shall be cleaned so that the engine is in good condition and the motor does not crash or strike. Usually kotoransering prop in this section. Moreover, if the motor is often passed through the dusty streets.

Serviced Official Workshop
Now this is important so that you are assured of the quality of the motor. Official Workshop usually also have the original spare parts so that if there is a motor spare parts you will need to be replaced immediately available here. I personally because users typically Honda motorcycles serviced at the Honda authorized workshop in AHASS. In addition to established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), in AHASS mechanics have been trained to deal with issues of Honda Motor Matic, mudali from minor problems to severe problems.

Post umpteen Steps Tips Treatment Motor Matic, may be useful

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