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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tips for 'ELECTRIC POWER STEERING' Sustainable Car Fixed

Tips for 'ELECTRIC POWER STEERING' Sustainable Car Fixed - Generally, the latest cars, using the power steering is driven by an electric motor (EPS: Electric Power Steering). To find a car that is very easy to use EPS. Open the hood, see if there is power steering pump and hoses near the wall between the cabin and the engine room (firewall) or not? If not, be sure the car is already using EPS.


The technology can be said to be minimal maintenance because all arranged by module. "Electric power steering is generally broken because penggunanyakurang slick and tend reckless," said Julius, power steering specialist workshop manager, Bald Seng Fatmawati area, Jakarta.

Unfolded, a common issue, appeared sound "tap tap" when passing through damaged or perforated. In addition, the steering wheel vibration is very much harder. Here are the factors that cause EPS damaged.

1. Braved the bad roads. EPS will easily be damaged if often pass through damaged or perforated. The more severe if the driver passes at high speed. Vibration and received loud pounding steer rack rack can damage the steer axle (as).

In addition, the possibility of protective rubber jakan torn, especially if the condition has been Rengat. If this happens, water, dust and dirt will get into the wheel axle and cause it to rust. Indications as dirty and rusty wheel, when played sounds. Steering is also heavily when played.

2. Avoid flooding. In particular, for the owner of the Honda. Because the electric motor is mounted directly on the steering axle, parallel to the axle. If the water to soak, the electric motor can be damaged. When it is damaged, the electric motor had to be replaced because it can not be repaired.

Some of the other brands put an electric motor in the cab on top of the gas pedal. To determine the position of the electric motor, you can ask your confidence to a mechanical workshop for preventive measures.

3. Age. EPS is usually already troubled start (sounds arise) when reaching 5 years of age or have a distance of 100,000 km. Becomes shorter when it is often used inappropriately. "If the owner painstaking and never submerged in water, can use more than 5 years. Maintenance, just replace the rubber protector as the steering wheel," said Julius.

EPS improvement requires greater costs, cheapest Rp 1.5 million. For component replacement prices vary depending on the brand. See also : How Safe Car Towing.

A few post Keeping Tips "Electric Power Steering" to remain durable car may be useful for us all.
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