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Monday, February 3, 2014

Advantages Disadvantages Suzuki Ertiga MPV Vs Competitors

Advantages Disadvantages Suzuki Ertiga MPV Vs Competitors - Latest automotive news this time I tried to bring the latest news for all lovers of peer to peer car automotive world, namely Suzuki Suzuki Ertiga. This car is the latest car from Suzuki MPV series. Suzuki Ertiga that is arguably on the rise because it has many advantages when compared to the series car MPV rivals. So you have to listen to the latest information that will be given to fellow colleagues all about a few Advantages Disadvantages Vs Suzuki Ertiga MPV rivals.

Advantages Disadvantages Suzuki Ertiga MPV Vs Competitors

Suzuki Ertiga officially introduced in 2012 ago and immediately to the attention of lovers of the world automotive communities. MPV car from Suzuki did not need long to wakti known people, because this car has a lot of fans and is one of the MPV class car that deserves to be taken into account. Did you know that Suzuki Ertiga this is a combination of MPV and sedan. And Ertiga itself has meaning 3 lines, which later can be climbed up to 7 passengers.
This car can be said that present for society in the country which is certainly still no jenismobil with type MPV MPV Global and Low. So, you can try this one car. And you will be presented with several variants of the Ertiga Suzuki Ertiga among others such as GA, GL and GX variants and of course each has its own advantages and disadvantages of each. So, for that we will give you the latest information about automotive Suzuki Ertiga below.

Suzuki Ertiga present in Indonesia with a very charming and became popular quickly. So, what advantages does this type of car, so it can be popular so quickly? Consider the following secret, but it comes with many advantages although, of course, also possess these Suzuki product shortages. Well, all of them will be presented in the following explanation.

Advantages Disadvantages Suzuki Ertiga MPV Vs Competitors
Excess Suzuki Ertiga

Exterior and Interior Design Charming
Suzuki Ertiga when viewed in terms of the design is captivating because Suzuki arguably provide design luxury car this one is Ertiga. So, not only that due to its design looks a bit more tapping causing handling car that looks good for this one. Not only that due to the design of the cabin is also spacious and pretty much passenger capacity of around 7 people. So, this is what makes that car with the MPV class is much in demand most people.

Advantages Disadvantages Suzuki Ertiga MPV Vs Competitors

Audio System with New Innovations
Do you like to listen to music / radio, if so Suzuki Ertiga also menhadirkan latest innovations that would make it easier to access, or you can control the songs / radio stations through your steering. And this system is of course named 2DIN presented by Suzuki as a new innovation program. Later there will be a couple of buttons on the steering wheel to control the music.

Fuel Highly Efficient Suzuki Ertiga
With the concept of Front Wheel Drive is the course presented by Suzuki Ertiga this, then you can see the fuel usage, average speed, distance traveled, and also fuel consumption. Not only are there only because it is also the K series engine cylinder 4 which of course has a great tenga but only slightly fuel consuming.

The Very Cheap Price and overvalued
When viewed in terms of the price that Suzuki Ertiga is quite low when compared to other MPV brands. So, fellow colleagues just enough money to prepare approximately 200 million alone was able to have this car.
Disadvantages Suzuki Ertiga

Low Headroom
Nah. As for some of the shortcomings of the car if you are the person Ertiga is too high, then you should be a little down or a little later you can not sit up straight while you ride the vehicle Ertiga. Well, because if for Headroomnya for Ertiga car is quite low, and that is the way to mengetasinya sit slightly bowed.

Little Cramped rear seats
And unfortunately for the third row seat from Suzuki Ertiga does look a little narrow. However, if it is occupied by children not much of a problem, but if an adult, it will cause discomfort.

Body Paint Still Thin
And you should know also that the weakness of this one was already very clear. Arguably if the car is almost the same as the color of paint thinner Avanza. I wonder what this is one way to lighten the load of the car.

To Ban Slightly Not Qualified
Arguably this car has a lot of users to replace the tires with Nitrogen wind. Or they replace the tire 40.000KM. That is because if Suzuki provide an economical tire, so the quality is less than the maximum. What's more frequent replacing.

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