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Monday, February 3, 2014

Comparison of Toyota Avanza vs Honda Mobilio Newest

Comparison of Toyota Avanza vs Honda Mobilio Newest. Latest automotive info comes from one of the cars made by Honda manufacturer most recently the Honda Mobilio. Maybe some of the peer to peer not know this new car. Many of them think that this car is a killer of Avanza. This is of course in terms of the number of pemesananya. So, as equally as we know before the advent of the Honda Mobilio Avanza often than compare with Suzuki Ertiga. However, the comparative is not only based on the number of sales alone, but there are several factors that cause the car to have many takers.

So, we also need to pay attention to in terms of the quality of each car that will be compared and the future course of the automotive world lovers will have a car that is suitable for his needs. Well, as if that would be the latest automotive information we share at this meeting, please see more information about the Toyota Avanza Comparison vs. Honda Mobilio Newest following:

Comparison of Toyota Avanza vs Honda Mobilio Newest

Exterior Design
Toyota Avanza: When viewed from the exterior then the Toyota Avanza has undergone a change in 2011. And for the type and also the launch of the latest variant of the exterior and interior also makes everything look more luxurious when compared to the type / model before. However, in 2014 a little berbedda for this because now Avanza is starting to look boring by many who are on the streets Avanza and moreover for Toyota Avanza Veloz, arguably Avanza type is one that is much more interesting when compared with previous versions, due to the design bumpers are used much more sporty and modern.

Honda Mobilio: New car manufacturers from Japan is indeed a new car when compared to the already initiated Toyotaa Avanza MPV class to the best-selling car in the market. But keep in mind also that this Mobilio fresh car, and this car is the basis of Honda Brio is certainly stretched and widened, and in raise. If you look from the front, it is seen that this car is very similar to the Honda Brio, ranging from the shape of the headlights, but Honda has been a bit of a remodel for the grille and front bumper which caused a bit of differences with the Honda Brio. So, that's what makes the Honda Mobilio looks much more luxurious and sporty. And to look behind it already looks more elegant and luxurious when compared to the Toyota Avanza.

So, we had concluded that for the exterior design of Honda Mobilio is far superior when compared to its competitors on this one. Perhaps many people are bored with the look of Avanza.

Interior Design
Login to interoir area of ​​the car kedu. When viewed between Mobilio and also Avanza they both have the same interior arguably less satisfying and less beautiful design when seen. And know that the two cars have been using a hard plastic material, not fancy and may look cheap, even more so for the Honda Mobilio is still using the dashboard used by Honda Broi Satya is certainly a car LCGC (Low Cost Green Car), and the slightest difference that occurs is when Mobilio is equipped with a speedometer with blue illumination and a glossy finish on the edge of the desk.

While that is happening at Avanza Veloz is already furnishing with audio controls on the steering wheel. But for Mobilio yet available, but these Prestige Honda Mobilio which is the highest type has been the availability of a full touch screen head unit with reverse camera.

And if viewed in terms of accommodation the second car is not much different anyway, because Mobilio and Avanza and relieved at the same height as well. For the middle-row seats also have almost the same practicality to the next slide. But for Honda Mobilio still seem cheap because sharing a platform with the Honda Brio. In the front seat is not adjustable headrests ketinggianya her. But unlike the Avanza though less convenient for the front seats, but to set the height of the headrest can be adjusted easily.

Performance Machine
And to see in terms of engine performance that Honda Mobilio've surely the winner, because it dibakali with 118 PS engine that powered the front penggerakroda. And for Avanza is equipped with two types of engine variants include 1.300cc and 1.500cc engine with rear-wheel drive and a powerful 109 Ps 92 Ps. But make no mistake, because Avanza is far superior to the uphill road, because it is equipped with rear-wheel drive.

Ride and Handling
Well, for this one probably already know that peer to peer Avanza since the first was already known to the suspension that was not too uncomfortable and moreover reflections too that causes really bad when driving. But inversely proportional to the Honda Mobilio, many facts mengetakan that this car is king ride and handling for its class. Honda itself was already producing the Honda Brio is the suspension is quite comfortable, although a little stiff, but Ertiga more comfortable. However, when compared with the Avanza Mobilio much more comfortable. So, know well that Mobilio has the most mantab handling and body roll was minimal for the size car class.
Comparison cabin Honda Mobilio vs. Toyota Avanza

Little heed to areas that are served features of the two cars ie Mobilio and Avanza. Both are also almost the same because the two cars are already equipped with dual SRS airbag whose name, with USB and AUX audio and power windows, mirrors and air conditioning Elektric double blower. And for the Honda Mobilio this with the E-type CVT that is equipped with ABS brakes.

With the above information we may update you can find out yourself what the car is suitable for your needs all. But keep in mind that the information we provide is info only, we are not aiming to menjelek bad about a product or whatever it's called, but any item whose name is surely no such thing of course advantages and disadvantages. So, please you understand yourself that we provide the above information. Hopefully useful to you all. []

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