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Friday, February 21, 2014

Differences, Specs and Price Suzuki Ertiga Sporty 2014

Differences, Specs and Price Suzuki Ertiga Sporty 2014. In the first quarter of 2014 as the Suzuki automotive companies is quite famous for its flagship car Ertiga re- issue a new variant that is particularly suitable for families and sporty modern style. The new variant of Ertiga is called Sporty Suzuki Ertiga. This car comes to complete the family car Suzuki Ertiga which has successfully become one of the top MPV cars sold in the Indonesian market. The presence of this Sporty Suzuki Ertiga seakaan add diversity to the variant of Suzuki 's flagship MPV cars.

Sporty 2014 Suzuki Ertiga comes in Indonesia with a new thing that is certainly more fresh and cool. This car is intended for young families or young people who like cars with sporty style. The addition of this new variant is intended for a refreshment and innovation in the realm Suzuki MPV to compete with other new cars that will not cease to arrive in Indonesia. Here Semisena will discuss the differences with the Sporty Suzuki Ertiga Suzuki Ertiga usual as well as the specifications and price of the car of course.

Differences Sporty Suzuki Ertiga

Previously we have discussed the price of the 2014 Suzuki Ertiga other variants. Well now we are specifically to discuss the sporty version of Suzuki Ertiga this to all the loyal readers. The difference with the sporty Suzuki Ertiga Suzuki Ertiga own usual or other variant is that this 2014 Suzuki Ertiga brings sporty new exterior design is more sporty and modern look. Various changes have been beautifully designed by Suzuki in order to create the Sporty Suzuki Ertiga to be more youthful with a sporty design. This car is suitable for the Indonesian people, especially families who love the style of modernity and of course the design of a sporty car.

Surely you penasarankan to differences with Suzuki Ertiga Sporty Suzuki Ertiga usual ? The difference covers on the front body Sporty 2014 Suzuki Ertiga attached beesela Grille Front Bumper Ornament that looks cool and masculine than the other variants of the Ertiga. On the Side skirt and rear bumber mounted ornaments are also more bold and masculine look. This car also presents Rear Upper Spoiler and Ecodome a more sporty look.

For about tires Suzuki Ertiga Sporty alloy wheels also bring more fresh design with R16 size, while the size of the tire itself is 205/5. Tires new wheel design will add to the impression of modernity and youthful this car. Additionally Sporty 2014 Suzuki Ertiga also manambah various new features including the muffler exention, aerokit, and alloy wheels 16 × 6.5. With a variety of new things on this Sporty Suzuki Ertiga seems to be the main weapon Suzuki ready to demolish the Indonesian car market.

Sporty Suzuki Ertiga Price

After we talked a difference in which contains many new things from Sporty Suzuki Ertiga is not complete if we also discuss the price of this 2014 Sporty Suzuki Ertiga. Cars MPV is stylish sporty looks confident with his new exterior design. The exterior design itself looks manly and modern. Completion of the latest variant on the latest family car sector seemed to touch a very dynamic young families. Sporty Suzuki Ertiga price of course also be influenced by the presence of some of the new features in this car.

Various new features have completed this car will make Sporty 2014 Suzuki Ertiga price is more expensive than other variants of Suzuki Ertiga. But of course, your money will not be wasted, because this sporty Suzuki Ertiga also offers a very capable car design with 2 transmission options to choose from, namely manual and automatic. For the Sporty 2014 Suzuki Ertiga price alone is priced at USD 178 million for the manual version, while the automatic version sold at higher prices of Rp 189.35 million.

Sporty Suzuki Ertiga price is more expensive than other Suzuki Ertiga variants namely type GA and GL type. But the price has similarities with the type GX. This is certainly reasonable because Suzuki Ertiga showing a fresh new face and youthful.

Sporty Suzuki Ertiga Specifications

Once we complete discuss Sporty 2014 Suzuki Ertiga starts from discussing the differences with other versions up to the price, now we are towards the end of this session we are going to discuss the Sporty Suzuki Ertiga specifications. For specifications of the machine itself remains the same with the other variants that use the kitchen runway which has a capacity of 1400cc with engine tech DOHC, 16-valve, inline 4 Cylinder VVT and is in it. The engine is also embedded Multi Point Injection intelligently supply electronic fuel that produces complete combustion thus making the engine has better performance and exhaust gas emissions are minimal. That's the Sporty Suzuki Ertiga specifications in terms of the engine.

specs sporty Suzuki Ertiga

Specifications 2014 Suzuki Ertiga Sporty new thing to focus on exterior design looks more sporty and masculine with new features that have been mentioned on the difference Semisena Sporty Suzuki Ertiga Suzuki Ertiga this with other variants. Sporty Suzuki Ertiga is highly recommended for those of you who like a car with a sporty and youthful style. This car is ready to pamper your trip so that more comfortable and memorable.

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