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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Modification Honda Beat Good, Beautiful, and Awesome

Modification Honda Beat Good, Beautiful, and Awesome. (Pictures / Photos) Honda motor scooter automatic filling of competition that is currently popular in Indonesia by releasing its flagship motorcycle Honda Beat. Automatic motor of Honda's mini has a myriad of features inside bodynya impressed cute. Honda beat automatic motor also the most economical in its class which can cover a distance of 73.5 km / h. A remarkable achievement indeed of the automatic motorcycle. Honda beat that has a smaller body size than the vario Honda is also capable of racing with lively streets with machine specs in it.

This time I want to share with you a picture of the coolest modifications that Honda managed to beat semisena collect for you. Original body kit Honda beat that impressed cute it can be modified in such a way so that the impression is more beautiful, frightening, and masculine. Photos modification Honda Beat we collect numbered 8. The eight images of Honda beat this modification is expected to be the capital of your inspiration in modifying your beat Honda motor so it looks cool.

Honda beat is automatic motor that has been injection technology that is PGM-FI with the latest technology embedded in such bodynya lock brakes, side stand switch, and secure key shutter. The motors are stable enough to drive it will be cool again of course if you want to modify. Of course you need inspiration in modifying your Honda beat.

In the modified image Honda beat that you can see both the Honda beat that has an orange hue with a racing-type exhaust coupled with a motorcycle seat that matched the color of the male bodynya adding this beat Honda motorcycles. Like the color white? Yes image Honda motor modification 3rd beat this would be right for you. Because it has a white background coupled with piercings on the back of the engine that looks cool.

Motif front wheels are made ​​like pattern adds a graceful image modification Honda beat the fourth. For body affairs arguably not many changes. But at the rear also seems Shockbreaker replaced with a gold color.

Let us go to the photo modification Honda beat 6th. The word is very appropriate given the frightening to the modification Honda beat this one. How did the not, orange lightning motif dominates Honda beat parts of the body. Tires that have a larger size also adds kesangaran this scooter. In the photo to the modification Honda beat seven you can see Honda beat that has been 360 degrees different from the original. If you know, actually left the motor which is actually just the frame alone is Honda beat.

Pictures of Honda motor modifications beat is very well suited for women. For what? Due to the modification Honda beat menggunawan pink as the base color modification of the Honda beat belongs to the owner. Honda beat increasingly looks more beautiful with seat and mudguard customnya. Finally we get to the photos of the last modification of the Honda beat. Perhaps inspired by the owner of gum bigbabol to modify this bike. In the stripping section bodynya you can see an image similar to the image of a pack of chewing gum, coupled with a very strong blue color of this beat Honda motorcycles.

Modification Honda Beat Good, Beautiful, and Awesome. That's some image modifications Honda beat that I can gather. Hopefully these photos will inspire you in modifying the motor scooter from Honda. Try to develop your creativity as far as possible so that your automatic motor will be modified Honda beat the greatest of all time.

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