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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Modification Mio J Photos - Mio J Modification Pictures

Modification Mio J Photos - Mio J Modification Pictures. Mio is a motorcycle made ​​by Yamaha motors that carry the impression to young people. This motor has a very sporty design with a bandage attractive colors that adorn bodynya. A motorcycle is a motorcycle matic mio using the latest technology from Yamaha is YMJET-FI. YMJET-FI motor mio j is able to regulate the expenditure of fuel that will be more economical when driven. This bike is also equipped with the latest machines that can be relied upon his ability to dart in the streets.

This motor technology Low Friction Technology Advance highly skilled in regulating the combustion gas discharged. When tested by us this bike is very agile on the road with a size small enough bodynya able to bring our very agile when browse through the urban way. The roar of the engine is very smooth mio A moment in the gas. With a slogan that is economical automatic motor gasoline, when we try to correct it. This motor is predicted to dispose of 1 liter of gasoline for 70 miles distance. Wow not very economical. For readers who are lovers Mio on this occasion we will be presenting some pictures of the good J mio modifications to be seen.

Modification Mio J Photos

A mio lovers happy, here we show the results of photo modification Mio that we think best. After our search, we found 8 photos mio modification motorcycle j which we managed to gather all readers. In the first modification of the picture looks white j mio motorcycle that has been modified in such a way to replace the custom wheels that look more ferocious. In figure 2 we see the picture to the modification mio j innate seen that the original sticker from Yamaha has been replaced with a new sticker over looked refreshing eye.

Mio is the actual motor dedicated to young people, so that when the motor is in the modification would look cool. Continuing our look at the picture that j mio modification motorcycle to 3, you can see the orange color that is very striking eyes can hypnotize anyone who saw. In the picture to the four-color body paint mio j is replaced with yellow orange glass headlights. Let the reader Semisena do not want to lose the modifications motor that we show here.

Modification Mio J Pictures

The next we turn to the photo modikasi J to 5 mio. In the photograph shown in the modification of motor mio j such that looks like a racing bike. Seeing the bike look like it might lead to the negative aura opponents in automatic motor racing event because the appearance looks very challenging. We continued on the photo J mio modification motorcycle 6th. In the photos look seat motor has been replaced with a custom seat exhaust plus a very cool silver color that looks striking.

Modification Mio J Photos - Mio J Modification Pictures. Like batik? J mio modification motorcycle on the 7th of this we see that j mio photo sticker bodynya has been replaced with a bandage very beautiful batik. With Indonesian aura is very thick so the modifications this time, because it uses elements of batik as patternnya. We continued to the last photo. If according to the motor mio semisena j are in the very menajubkan modification. Because the reader can see almost all of the skeleton is replaced with customization by the owner so that would make anyone who saw stunned. Hopefully on this occasion j mio lovers can find pictures of her dreams. So as to provide a reference if you want to customize your own bike.

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