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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Modifications Kawasaki Ninja 150 250 Awesome, Good, and Cool

Modifications Kawasaki Ninja 150 250 Awesome, Good, and Cool - (Pictures / Photos). Kawasaki Ninja sport bike is a series of Japanese manufacturers is Kawasaki. Series of motor sport's famous fast, stout, and tough in Indonesia. Kawasaki makes its debut with some variants such as the Kawasaki Ninja 150 rr playing in 150cc and Kawasaki Ninja 250 rr who played in 250 cc. This motor has a body that is very popular with automotive enthusiasts. But not only bodynya course, dalamannya also no less formidable if to be invited to race.

On this occasion Ozura want to display to the reader some of the photos are very ciamik ninja modifications that exist in Indonesia. Figure modified ninja we show here is a modified Kawasaki ninja that we think the coolest in cyberspace. We collected them one at a Kawasaki ninja's cool to offer to you. We show several variants of this motor series such as images and Kawasaki ninja 150 rr Kawasaki Ninja 250 rr photo. Hopefully this session to add your ideas to change the shape of your bike becomes more masculine.

There are 8 images ninja modification that we present here to pamper you lovers of motorcycle ninja. In the first image you can see the motor ninja 250cc polished in such a way that the colors of the fairing are replaced by the dominance of the orange and white unconventional looks make this bike look more striking. Ninja motorcycle modification picture is still struggling on the second Kawasaki 250 cc series with color wheels that look very bold and rise of body plus also yng is a blend of white and orange colors. This Kawasaki motorcycle muffler has also been modified into a silver exhaust.

The Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle lovers in Indonesia was very creative. That is evidenced by the pictures we show that modification of the ninja here. Modifications fruit ninja results of their handiwork is very smooth and looks cool. Let us further pictures Kawasaki Ninja third modification. In this third picture looks Kawasaki Ninja 250cc that has been polished by stripping the body in such a way that deliberately replaced with a blue and white motif that appears different from the other ninja motorcycle. Continues to ninja motorcycle modification images to four. At this time it looks modification Kawasaki Ninja 250 rr appear masculine look with a yellow discoloration of the eyes are very striking. But this time the modification ninja looks very delicate to be enjoyed.

Like it with the photo ninja semisena modifications we show here? Let us go again to the photo ninja motorcycle modification to 5. At this time modification, motorcycle 150cc variant is almost totally revamped the readers. Fairing is tinged with brown shiny add this bike calm while on the machine and replaced velgnya silver so this bike look more frightening. In the photo ninja modifications to the 6 series looks bahawa 150cc Ninja motorcycle was modified to the extreme with the towering form of exhaust very striking and rear body made ​​tapering ninja modification adds a frightening this time.

Modifications Kawasaki Ninja 150 250 Awesome, Good, and Cool. In the photo Kawasaki ninja modifications to the seven visible Ninja 150 RR motorcycle that was no longer his identity as a ninja motorcycle. This motor has been modified such that starting from bodynya shape changes, the color so this bike look more frightening. We further modification ninja last photo. At this time it looks modifications are simple modifications display as meaningful. The green color adds a sport bike is ready to compete on the track with the number attached to the rear body. White alloy wheels add to the net impression of the ninja motorcycle modification. Those are some modifications that can be mas photos sena show for the Kawasaki ninja. Hopefully by looking at the pictures inspiring to modify your bike more motivated.

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