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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

200 Supercar Present at Premiere 'Need for Speed​​'

200 Supercar Present at Premiere 'Need for Speed​​' - Need for Speed ​​has become a movie that has always loved and been waiting until today. In its debut, or called with the premiere of the movie this time, it was warmly welcomed supercar lovers in the world.

Located in Ede, the Netherlands, a new event or rather last week on Saturday (08/03), 200 more supercar owners are invited to attend the special event. Since the number of participants, according to the observation autogespot some time ago, the road to the gathering area finally had experienced congestion.

But the view of the congestion feels different because along the way the world's greatest supercar variant filled with luxury quality they are qualified.

Like a parade of supercars, a variant of such a world-class automaker Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin and many more mutually convoy packed parking spot dialed cinema premiere of the Need for Speed​​.

200 Supercar Present at Premiere 'Need for Speed​​'
Just imagine what you would do if you were in a crowded parking lot superluas with luxury supercars in it like this? Photographed, recorded images or ride the bandwagon nampang can also be done there.

If I may choose one course, even with your eyes closed, you'll get a super cool supercar. Because that's all there was a car that expensive cars are of course very special. Source by (Photos: autogespot)!

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