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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Automatic Car Will Remodel How It Works Conventional

Automatic Car Will Remodel How It Works Conventional. An auto-piloted car concept is being developed, which will change the car into an office complete with a meeting room. Time wasted on traveling in the car will be transformed into a moment for the conduct of business for working professionals.

Regus, a provider of flexible workplaces, has partnered with Rinspeed in developing the Xchange, automatically piloted concept car which will be exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2014. Vision Regus to help professionals working in mobile increasingly supported by the presence of auto-pilot cars and the presence of Regus Express network spread across the highway on the European continent. At a later date, the option to work in the 'third place' (not in the office and not at home) will be introduced in a car or other means of transportation.

Innovative design of the Xchange allows the front two rows of seats that can be rotated to face each other in the back seat, creating a mobile workspace and meeting rooms for four people. Leading-edge technology and entertainment systems used in cars allows users to connect with their offices, work productively or make presentations using a laptop, at a time when stuck in traffic.

In addition to being a prestigious facility, this concept car will give you flexibility in setting work schedules for professionals. Business matters can be resolved anytime and anywhere, no more jobs will take valuable time with family at home.

One result Regus poll of 20,000 respondents in 2013 global businesses is 75 percent of respondents claimed that flexible working can improve productivity significantly.

Regus involvement in the development of a breakthrough to enhance Xchange remodel work in the conventional system. Where previously Regus has introduced a walk-in business facilities and business centers in a resort on the highway, railway stations, bus terminals, subway network across the continent of Europe and the Shell gas station across Berlin, Germany.

Andre Sharpe, Director Global Product and Business Development Regus, said: "Regus has long been committed to developing the Future Work Method. Now, the innovation piloted the car automatically future, will change the time wasted into productive time.

"The professionals are now able to work comfortably on the way for Regus. Now with the Xchange, a third option Regus workplace can cover the car itself or perberhentian place on the highway. A consultant or sales representative can work productively for 7-8 hours a day using an automatic car, means Regus center and the motorway network in our business center. This is an illustration of Titanic's commitment to lead the overhaul of a conventional setting. "

Frank M. Rinderknecht, CEO of Rinspeed Inc., added: "The car is piloted automatically makes the rider does not have to always look at the way forward, so that the passengers had the opportunity to spend time doing things that are more meaningful. Regus expertise to help professionals work productively and flexibly make Regus as the ideal partner to develop the concept of this car "

About Regus:
Regus is the largest provider of flexible office space in the world. Network includes more than 1,800 Regus business centers in 100 countries that provide comfort, high quality, working environment full-service, both to be used for a few minutes up to several years. Companies such as Google, GlaxoSmithKline chose Regus Toshiba and so they can have the flexibility of work and make their businesses more successful.

Automatic Car Will Remodel How It Works Conventional
The key is to have the flexibility of working comfort therefore Regus opened a branch of which 1.5 million members Regus requires the facility - the city center, in other city districts, shopping malls and retail stores, train stations, motorway rest stop, or even other community centers. Was first established in Brussels, Belgium in 1989, Regus based in Luxembourg and listed on the London Stock Exchange. (source by!

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