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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Aventador Roadster Special Ad Personam Program!

Aventador Roadster Special Ad Personam Program! - After quite a long wait, finally opened the door Lamborghini special booth that holds a special product they belong at the Geneva Motor Show 2014. In the booth, middle dudk Lamborghini Aventador Roadster silent for a special custom that is an early example of a custom Lambo most special programs, namely the Ad Personam program. The Italian automaker is bringing the Ad Personam program to Geneva with the aim of introducing upgrades and all the latest additions that have now been provided by Lambo Aventador to present a special in accordance with the wishes of the consumer.

Aventador Roadster Special Ad Personam Program!
Accompanied by one of the specialist Lamborghini, the video below explains fully the greatness, the process of working up specific parts that can be selected to decorate the 'Bull' Aventador.

One new feature has become the pride of the Ad Personam program is Forged Composite, which is the basic material recently developed by Lambo by mixing carbon fiber with a special material to dye their cars. Source by!

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