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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Brabus G65 800 iBusiness, Super Charming

Brabus G65 800 iBusiness, Super Charming - Being Brabus iBusiness G 65 800 This is a charming blend of the two elements of luxury and greatness of a Mercedes-Benz AMG engine. It looks so luxurious but wrapped with super stocky body indentations certainly make everyone amazed to see it. These variants are now being exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show event. Observing the typographical arrangement and various outer side, who would not be interested to see it. However, behind the fancy black shell, still stored a variety of cool features and also super fierce machine which he kept.

Outer side is enriched with typical components of Brbaus includes: front spoiler, Brabus logo, Xenon headlights, rear bumper and some LED lights to enhance the beauty of this car.

Entering the cabin is quite roomy, a myriad of advanced features ready to greet the riders. One that is quite interesting seen from the multimedia devices such as music, movies and games all of which are integrated with devices like the iPad option berbgai mini, Mac mini, iPad Touch and Apple TV on the move.

Brabus G65 800 iBusiness, Super Charming
Not quite up there, Brabus G 65 800 workers made ​​increasingly fierce with a Mercedes-Benz V12 Biturbo engine capacity of 6.0 liters. End of the fired strength apparently able to penetrate with sequence numbers 800 hp 1420 Nm of torque explosion.

He was very loud when the first pull with a record time of 4.2 seconds start at rest and sped up to 100 km / h. The end result when the car turns out to be able to carve grind asphalt outcome of 250 km / h as its topspeed. Source by (Foto: gtspirit)!

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