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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bugatti Veyron owned Hovercraft, Wow!

Bugatti Veyron owned Hovercraft, Wow! - Automotive enthusiasts who do not know the name of the Bugatti Veyron. In addition to being one of the giants of world-class car manufacturers, Bugatti Veyron also boasts as one of the best products. In fact, the Veyron is still standing at the top of the throne of the world's fastest production car.

Intends to mimic the Bugatti Veyron but specifically to the field of hovercraft or also called Air Cushion Vehicle (vehicles with air cushion), Mercier-Jones Supercraft reportedly ready to hit the world in 2015 hovercraft.

Quoted from carscoops, Friday (21/03), Mercier-Jones is based in Chicago, USA, claiming that their latest product is the fastest hovercraft capable of driving up to 128 km / h in various fields, be it in soil, sand , water and ice.

Bugatti Veyron owned Hovercraft, Wow!
Supercraft performance backed by a two-rotors alloy liquid-cooled gas powered engine with twin electric motors 60. When combined total maximum power of this Supercraft able to achieve 120 hp with the position at 7 inches above the ground.

Bongsor bodied with a chassis that is reinforced by chromium alloys and composites made ​​from the stern, the total weight of Mercier-Jones Supercraft 2015 is only about 317kg.

Reportedly, there will be 10 units of collector edition Bugatti Veyron is the hovercraft that will be 'released' in May with a price tag of U.S. $ 75,000 or approximately USD 858 million. While another 50 new units will be included in the fall market, which is about one day in September.

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