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Friday, March 7, 2014

Caution One Attach Turbo, Engine Could Damage

To increase the engine power, the turbo is becoming one of the options that can be done. But be careful in doing the installation, not the increase in power is obtained, even broken machine.

" Installing the turbo need a good understanding and technicians who understand true. Many cases, the original pairs of turbo, new few days used machine broken, " said one distributor Rico Zage Turbo.

Caution One Attach Turbo, Engine Could Damage

Engine condition is the first thing that must be considered before installing the turbo. Over time, the car will experience downturn, even the cars are rarely used or left in the garage for a long time silent any risk of loss in performance.

" Need to know first the condition of the engine. Drives that are left in baseball means a smooth condition. Such people wrote, the new one might not wake up stronger when directly asked to run. Conditions machine will inevitably decline. If this is the case, then the turbo is going down drain. So you should do a thorough inspection of the engine first, "said Rico.

Next is the selection of turbo components. This component is present in many variants and is usually tailored to a particular machine type. However, to be considered are the specs of the turbo to be adapted to machines.

Speaking install the turbo to boost power, of course not separated from other engine components settings. Fuel distribution, the size of the block and piston until air compression settings to get attention, since these components provide a chain effect on the engine. A small error in one component may risk damaging the entire engine.

" If it was not the desired power increase is quite large, meaning it needs replacement engine components. Such an enlarged cylinder head or injector mounting better, " he said.

Next is the use of fuel. This compressed air is able to improve the combustion process in the engine, but need to realize the complete combustion requires fuel has Oktane quite high.

"If it is installed, of course care must continue to be made. Same as other machine components, turbo periodic maintenance needs to be done so that the performance and condition of the engine is maintained, " closed Rico. Source by!

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