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Friday, March 7, 2014

Coolest Crossover SUV Hyundai Works!

Coolest Crossover SUV Hyundai Works! - Had appeared first in cyberspace some time, the latest crossover SUV that Hyundai Intrado dropout Korea ended official Concept on display at the Hyundai booth in the show Geneva Motor Show 2014.

Just like previous leaked pictures, Intrado Hyundai Concept face filled with aura appear 'manly' Fluidic Sculpture design thanks to a minimalist but still cool. The new body design and large fenders make this car seemed to have an aerodynamic body that big and burly.

Not just a macho, mounts outcome Hyundai design team at the European R & D Centre in Russelsheim, Germany, it also carries the latest technology and the most advanced construction methods Hyundai. One is the whole body structure special steel materials assembled a super-light in order to reduce the total weight of the car in order to improve performance in the sector.

The interior of the Hyundai Concept Intrado sporty theme that feels fresh with the color 'Beafourt Orange'. The inside of the cabin is minimalist and modern unique visible when the material showed carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) which amplify some parts of the cabin.

Coolest Crossover SUV Hyundai Works!

So what about the kitchen runway this car? Intrado Hyundai Concept created exclusively by Hyundai as picture mounts a future number one of their creations, both in terms of design and performance.

For that, it is equipped with a fuel cell-powered hydrogen generation Hyundai's latest work which utilizes a Li-ion battery 36 kW. The machine was able to bring Hyundai Concept Intrado distances up to 600km and only emit only water vapor (not smoke) with just one fuel filling only takes a few minutes.

Coolest Crossover SUV Hyundai Works!
Promising toughness, flexibility, most modern technology and environmentally friendly, the Hyundai is still not ensure the future fate of this car later. Will it be entered into the production kitchen? We await the development of the story later. Source by!

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