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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Feminine retro, VW Beetle 'Special for the Ladies'

Feminine retro, VW Beetle 'Special for the Ladies' - Having a car with striking colors and unusual like this, of course, a little uncomfortable when the wearer is a man. Therefore, it is appropriate that this cute little car deliberately intended Special for the Ladies.

Indeed, nothing is added from an all-pink exterior. Cartecdesign, modifiers teams figure to dress classic VW Beetle, seemed unwilling 'adventurous' and make it simple for what it is.

But this is where an elegant impression of this unique car even more powerful. Laburan eccentric stature plus his feature flashy, attention would make it more interesting.

Let more beautiful, on the side of the steering handlebar also prepared a small vase for the woman who loves flowers.

Feminine retro, VW Beetle 'Special for the Ladies'
Cars cloaked feminine born in 1997 is also completely feel the touch wheel drive means in the sector. Kitchen runway is embedded in the front of his brother has similarities with the VW Golf.

For additional information, the concept of modifying the forward side of the feminine in the VW Beetle is not only the Pinky alone. According to reports autoevolution, Friday (21/03), there are many special edition VW Beetle-girls with all-round concept nan calm, one example of Malibu Barbie New Beetle.

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