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Monday, March 10, 2014

Hard to Find Products Made in the USA

Hard to Find Products Made in the USA - The economic value of a product is often a priority for prospective customers. But for those who want more, in this case the quality of a product, it is not infrequently encountered awe.

It is of them occur in the car audio world. Industry model by utilizing emerging as a center of production to make products made in their original state, as made ​​in the U.S. or from Europe, became a bit.

"Right now, looking for products made ​​in Italy, made ​​in German, made ​​in the USA it is hard. Pristine Symphony. Lot of brands (derived from) America, but contrived in China," said Rev. Tanuwidjaja, Product Designer PT Audioworkshop.

He then pointed out one of the top class products, Symphony. Products that eventually enter the Indonesian market because it looks a demand for top quality audio products in the market.

Hard to Find Products Made in the USA
"Symphony's go to Indonesia because there are market conditions that we lack the power of high-end," he explained. (source by!

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