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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How To Car so Efficient Fuel

How To Car so Efficient Fuel - This morning there are comrades who work in government he started complaining today that official vehicles should wear red berplat pertamax, maybe for me this is not too significant, but for those comrades who work every day to use official vehicles would be very burdensome because we know own differences with pertamax subsidized premium price could double.

Nowadays a lot of us may have heard about the promotion of both two-wheeled vehicles and four-wheel fuel economy in a variety of media promotion. Talk about energy efficient cars actually least efficient cars or vehicles is highly dependent on the owner and the driver how to care for and use of the car, when the use of one, then the car will still wasteful of fuel.

In order to save fuel, the user is actually quite simple and do not need to change cars more efficient that its presence actually aggravate congestion. Well here 0 simple tips for pet car more fuel efficient as I quoted from, please look out for:

1. Do not heat the car for too long
Habits of motorists in Indonesia is that they always start the engine for a while before using their cars. This activity, it is necessary for an older vehicle, but it was to be left in the latest vehicle types. Activities commonly referred heats the engine itself can be one of the causes of fuel was drained from the tank. This could happen if the user heats the car too long or by stepping on the gas.

2. Set the spin machine
When he was driving a car, driver dexterity is what determines the efficient or inefficient use of their vehicle. One effective way to save on fuel consumption while on the road is to set the machine by entering the round gear at the right time. Drove to engine speed is too high or low constant would make the fuel consumption so profusely. Spin machine is ideal when driving around 3,000 rpm.

3. Avoid stop and go driving force
Avoid stop and go driving style. Stop and Go is itself a driving style where users are often on the brakes and gas pedal. Though more often off the gas pedal and stepped back, then fuel consumption will be more wasteful. To that end, as a driver, you must be smart about the condition so it knows the right time to step on the brake and gas plays as efficiently as possible.

4. The ideal speed mengemudilah
In addition to regulating the engine turns, the driver must also be smart ideal driving speed. Ideal speed automobiles alone are in the range of 80 km / hour. Fuel consumption will be efficient at the point when the car drove at the speed, of the arrangements entered right gear. However, frantic Ride your car at the ideal speed when road conditions support.

5. Turn off the engine when traffic conditions the total
For drivers in large cities, it will often encounter circumstances gridlocked streets. You should turn off your vehicle engine when road conditions gridlocked, car windows slightly open for air circulation is maintained while the engine and the air conditioning is turned off.

6. Use the air conditioner efficiently
Use of Air Conditioner (AC) also affect engine speed impact on fuel consumption. Therefore, use an air conditioner is necessary and reasonable in order not to overload the engine speed will actually make more wasteful fuel consumption.

7. Reduce the wind resistance and load the car
One of the most effective ways to save fuel is to make the car run with the light, which can be done by reducing air resistance and the weight of the car. Reduce wind resistance could be done by not adding additional accessories such as the front bumper and rack stuff on the car when really needed. Also, do not put heavy objects in the car as an additional sound system in the back if it is not needed.

8. Car engine service periodically
Perform regular car engine service. With this service the fuel lines and other components will be inspected and maintained in the best condition so it will consume fuel according to the standard manufacturer gives a chance that would have been as efficient as possible.

9. Check the tire pressure
Checking the tire pressure of your vehicle on a regular basis is also an effective way to keep a car can save in fuel conditions. Why? Due to the lack of tire pressure will make tires slightly deflated condition and it is this which reduces torque and tire making machinery increasingly heavy burden and consequently fuel consumption would be wasteful.

10. Use the appropriate fuel requirements of the manufacturer
The final way that can be done to make the vehicle more efficient fuel consumption is to use the type of fuel recommended by the manufacturer. If your car requires compression ignition so the car filled with fuel-air high-octane as pertamax or pertamax plus, then do not use premium fuel. Incompatibility between compression combustion with fuel entering the combustion chamber can make the car so much wasteful and could damage the engine if it is done continuously over a long period. See also : Steps To Quickly Sold Online Vehicle.

A few post Tips For Cars Be More Efficient Fuel, may be useful for all of us.
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