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Friday, March 14, 2014

Lambo Not Interested Creating Hybrid Supercar

Lambo Not Interested Creating Hybrid Supercar - Competition in the supercar world becoming increasingly fierce day. Various kinds of mounts ranging from powerful super extra large, futuristic design that is friendly to the environment than to the day there must be a new one.

Lately the prestige amid soaring is the emergence of a few supercars that have used hybrid technology. Some big names in the world of supercars, namely Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche, each at least have begun to enter the environmentally friendly technology into their sports cars.

However, unlike the case with the 'Bull' from Italy, Lamborghini. Quoted from gtspirit, Thursday (13/03), the performances of the Geneva Motor Show 2014 Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini SpA, said that this time he was not interested in creating a hybrid supercar.

"Judging from the current state, hybrid cars will be difficult to be included in the ranks of other production cars, because the cost of production or weight. Moreover, I do not know, if in the future might be., But later it also develops vehicles and different again from now on," Stephan said.

Lambo Not Interested Creating Hybrid Supercar
Lamborghini himself for this moment chose to focus more on developing their existing DNA to enhance their efficiency and engine power are now venturing into the world rather than a hybrid.

"For the time is still not possible. Consequently, as long as the technology is still possible, Lamborghini will retain DNA now," added Stephan Winkelmann. Source by!

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