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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lazareth Wazuma GT the Most Awesome Vehicle

Lazareth Wazuma GT the Most Awesome Vehicle. Again there were amazing performances appearing in the Geneva Motor Show 2014, which is a cool mounts Lazareth nan eccentric work, car and motorcycle manufacturers from France. Famous often made ​​creation that makes 'surprise', Lazareth now present their latest work, the Wazuma GT.

Once you can see just certainly understand the uniqueness Wazuma GT. Although fitted with four tires, he only has three aliases four-point contact with only three wheels axle is working.

Lazareth itself does not provide certainty about what kind of vehicle type Wazuma GT's, motorcycles or cars. What is clear is behind its sporty and aggressive like a sports car, the GT Wazuma ability can not be denied.

Lazareth Wazuma GT the Most Awesome Vehicle
Kitchen spur vehicle that only weighs 984kg is filled by a 4.0-liter V8 engine belonging to the Jaguar which was strengthened because combined with the supercharger. Maximum power that he is able to blow up is 375 hp with peak torque of 524 Nm.

Intrigued by the uniqueness Lazaret Wazuma this GT? Consider the full photo gallery below. (Source :!

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