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Monday, March 3, 2014

Modification Motor Drag - Drag Modification Photos

Modification Motor Drag - Drag Modification Photos. Motorcycles that have above-average speed and the design of the framework that has been polished like terlihan only course design and engine , that's what could be called a motor drag. When the two-wheeled variant of this out of the showroom does have a standard speed compared with the drag bike , of course we already know all that if penbedaan rate due to a change in the engine. Before bericara more please see photo below drag bike modification.

As the turn of the era and the rapid growth of technology it can also impact on the advancement of the automotive world. With inventions like the motor modifications drag image above is a work that is very proud of by most people. As we have stated previously that the changes occur primarily banyaki engine parts, home beginning to consider the changes and modifications made and the negative impacts that may occur, it is done obtain the best modified drag bike , cool , popular , and tebaru.

Contest or motorcycle drag event is often held in our homeland , diacara that the home modification or repair shops compete to be the fastest and prettiest. Organized drag bike modification was the scene of the struggle for a workshop name, no wonder so many are flocking to join the race for the trophy.

Modification Motor Drag - Drag Modification Photos

This meeting was deliberately we provide for those who are seeking the latest images and drag bike modification coolest. Last picture modification of the drag bike we get the best of the modifier and very appropriate to the image collection of motorcycle modification.

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