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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Most Melodious Voice roar BMW

Most Melodious Voice roar BMW - Entering 2014, the latest BMW products are the most widely discussed is the figure F80 M4. Generation of the BMW M3 coupe model does have many advantages, ranging from design to performance in terms of who is no longer a V8 engine but 6 cylinder inline.

Although by the use of a smaller engine, the BMW M4 is more powerful than the BMW M3 E92 that is no longer manufactured. However, from the ranks of the existing family of BMW M3, V8 engine with a capacity of 4.0 liter S65 code is cardiac pacemaker with the roar of the

melodious and very typical that will not be forgotten for the Bimmers. Back in New BMW M3 M4 and New 2014 although lighter engine and powerful, the resulting sound can be said to be less segarang M3 92. Especially now Kreissieg racing exhaust manufacturers present new products that F1 Valvetronic are also available for the BMW M3 E92.

Most Melodious Voice roar BMW
The roar of the exhaust BMW E92 M3 will be more melodious once fierce is certainly not inferior to brand Akrapovic or Eisenmann. Source by!

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