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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

'New Lover' Paris Hilton Replace White Lexus LFA

'New Lover' Paris Hilton Replace White Lexus LFA - Paris Hilton is a public-figure who is widely known as the artist international scale. With such a great fame, he even added dazzling as her new boyfriend aka anyarnya mounts, replaced with the white Lexus LFA.

It is as mediocre as actresses like Paris Hilton certainly save a lot of money if only to hold the Lexus LFA. But keep in mind, according to gtspirit alerts, Tuesday (11/03), in fact this variant is not only costly and steady in performance, but also very rare in its class.

That is why the Lexus LFA white so special and privileged when Paris Hilton memejengnya on the road. It is apparently even open a new question, because some time ago, the actress has just received a yellow Lexus LFA. But why change now white?

'New Lover' Paris Hilton Replace White Lexus LFA
No one has to know the real secrets will inevitably occur. Although yellow or white, all of them as special! In order to get the white man, Paris Hilton should be poured funds are not small. Information circulating that he had to pay about U.S. $ 5,603 or equal to Rp 638 million per month to pay for the car. Source by : (Photo: zimbio)!

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