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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Some Negative Impacts If Not Washing Routine Helmet

Some Negative Impacts If Not Washing Routine Helmet - Who does not know helmets? This thing must be brought into goods when riding two-wheeled vehicles, no matter the various obstacles it will take time your drive is either the raid on the street or even the dust and smoke must go through every day on the highway.

Some Negative Impacts If Not Washing Routine Helmet

Helm is a device that must be used for bikers when going traveling. Helm serves to maintain the safety of motorists to things that are not desirable during the trip. In Indonesia has set rules where motorists should use SNI logo helmet is safer because according to applicable safety standards.

Using the helmet still at risk if not done routine maintenance on your own helmet. One form of treatment is correct is to diligently wash the inside of the helmet made ​​of cork. Often times we simply do maintenance on the outside of the helmet alone. Currently, several new types of helmets have been very easy if you want to be washed because some parts of it could be removed the cork. In addition, many helmets wash services at affordable prices and fast finishes. But if you are still lazy to clean the helmet then you will be exposed to some adverse effects.

Here are some of the negative impact caused when your helmet is rarely cleaned / washed:

triggering Acne
Acne can appear / mebar from the dirt / friction at the helm dirty because dirt will stick to the helmet in your face

triggering Dandruff
Dandruff may occur in the head if often use dirty helmets. Because dirt will stick and accumulate head inside the helmet. Eliminate dandruff on the head, including difficult and costly to quite a lot.

Making Hair Loss
Helmets are rarely cleaned nest will be the growth of bacteria and viruses that can damage the health of the scalp. If left unchecked, it can continuously damage the hair follicles, causing hair loss.

Unhealthy Scalp
Dirt on the helmet can be attached to the scalp and cause fungus on the scalp and eventually cause problems on the hair.

causing infections
Staphylococcus epidermis is a type of bacteria that normally live on the helmet is dirty. These bacteria can cause infections and i attack people who have a weakened immune system.

Well if you are experiencing problems in your head like dandruff, hair loss, etc., try clearing your helmet regularly. See also : How To Car so Efficient Fuel.

Some Negative Impacts If Not Washing Routine Helmet
A few post Bebearapa Negative Impacts If Not Washing Routine helmet, may be useful for all readers.
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