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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sophisticated Ever Bemo's in India

11:54 PM
Sophisticated Ever Bemo's in India - Glancing display the yellow minibus is certainly the same as looking at a three-wheeled vehicles in general. But if you try to enter the cabin and try out all the devices that have been implanted to him, certainly you will be very impressed by it.

Unlike minibus in general, the car belongs to the G Anadurai are also used for public transport, has advanced facilities such as wi-fi, tablet, mobile phone chargers and magazines. All are provided only to pamper its passengers.

Although arguably not unusual, G Andurai not set higher rates for those who utilize their services. In fact he gives a free ride to the hospital workers and teachers. Upon entering the special day like Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and on her birthday alone, G Andurai will not only provide free rate, but also chocolates to passengers.

Sophisticated Ever Bemo's in India
In addition to the facilities already mentioned above, he was also still want to try to provide more other features are more frightening again, including satellite TV. Because according to the principle of life G Andurai a minibus driver who delivered to the dailymail some time ago, "passenger satisfaction is the most important part of my job. Passenger is God."

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