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Thursday, March 27, 2014

'Taxi' Science Fiction Made Land Rover!

'Taxi' Science Fiction Made Land Rover! - Anyone remember a science fiction movie called Judge Dredd which emerged during 1995an ago? In the movie, starring Sylvester Stallone, the Land Rover was also helped donate a vehicle concept with a very imaginative nuances face the future. In the process of making the film adaptation of the comic book with the same title, Land Rover then appointed to provide City Taxi Cab aka the future to fit the time setting is used, the year of 2139.

Imaginative design by David Woodhouse was then realized by adapting military 101 forward control chassis and running gear are then attached to the body made from fiberglass. Not only that, the future of the taxi was then equipped with eccentric aura that comes from the unique ventilation, soundproof interior and seats that can be arranged.

In order publication of the movie, the concept of City Cab and back modified to fit the minimum safety standards roadworthy vehicles in the UK. Some of the enhancements include a removable safety glass for the windscreen, optional headlights, indicator lights (turn signal), mirrors and custom wheels to replace the standard wheels do not start.

'Taxi' Science Fiction Made Land Rover!
In total there are 33 units Land Rover City Cab with three color schemes, black yellow, black and red silver black primer, specifically produced to launch the filming that aired in 1995. Quoted from thepetrolstop, Tuesday (25/03), so the shoot was over, the concept of the future of the taxi and then changed back to normal with his original prototype is now on display by Land Rover at the 'Home of the Legend', Solihull Factory. Reportedly, Sylvester Stallone himself also bought 4 units of City Cab that then he made ornaments at Planet Hollywood Restaurants hers. Source by!

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